You want to succeed? Dont give into the fear!

By FullofShif | Full of SHIF | 12 Mar 2020

As if the time of writing this Bitcoin is at $6100. It has declined over 20% since yesterday when I bought some and I could not he happier. 

Why would I be happy about losing 20% on my investment? I'm happy because i just bought more and if it drops another 20% tomorrow,  I will even more.

There is a lot of panic and fear out there right now and I am not going to minimize the coronavirus and the unfortunate deaths around the world that have come as a result of it. But in strictly investing and financial markets terms, this will pass. The sun will rise tomorrow and markets will rebound.

My blog is called full of shif because I realized some years back I was saying "I should have" or "if only I would have" done this or done that. You know being full of SHoulds and IFs, full of SHIF. I realized that the thing that kept me from acting was due to fear. Fear that came from what others told me. Many times from what the main stream media told me. 

Right now is an example of that. The old me woul . Ot be buying BTC right now. The old me would be panicking that I just lost 20% and would feel the urge deep down to sell and minimize my losses. The old me would do that and then beat myself up for not holding on and begin the "if I only " thought process.

Look i have bought BTC at over $10K and I have bought if for $3K and everywhere in between. Right now if you dont any you have the opportunity right now to by world population standards to become a part of a very small club. The most recent number I found was that around 23 million people hold some Bitcoin.  As of 2019 there were 7.7 billion people on the planet. 

One thing I learned when I deciede to be done with he shoulds and its was that I needed to break away from the pack. The masses allow fear and emotion to control their lives and their decisions. The rich and successful go against the grain. They dont let fear take control. They are patient and prudent but take action quickly when they see th opportunity. Folks THIS is an opportunity. 

 I hope you take it. 

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Just a guy who woke up one day realizing that I wasn't the person I wanted to be. Living a life thinking "I really should have" or "If I had only". Finally calling myself out for being full of should's and if's (full of shif so to speak). Well no more.

Full of SHIF
Full of SHIF

Musings and viewpoints from someone who overcame a life of should's and If's and is now living their best life!

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