The rich get richer

By FullofShif | Full of SHIF | 15 Mar 2020

I've heard that term my entire life. Most often it is when something somewhat unfortunate happens and the "rich" in some way benefit from it. In the crypto world they are commonly referred to as "the whales ", in government it's always "the politicians". 

 I've always found it interesting that people always refer to  those people, the supposed "rich" as some sort of singular group that goes by many collective names but not individual ones. The rich, the whales, the government, the politicians,  the corporations,  wall street, big tobacco, big pharma, the moguls...............The Boogeyman.

Now this isnt to say that there arent some real world conspiracies and people doing evil and mischievous things to get ahead but I think too often that we, the common man, make things out to be worse and more evil than they really are. 

 I believe that while there are some real world behind the scenes,  smoke filled room deals that are made that positively affect some while negatively impacting others, I dont believe there is a real world Dr Evil out there orchestrating it all. 

I think for the most part, "the rich" are constantly  being "emotionally intelligent " and always being proactive in their financial and personal lives. They dont freak out and let emotion rule their thought process. They are not in a constant "reactionary " mode of letting circumstances dictate their decisions. I'll use the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 as an example. There is no logical reason for people (i.e. the common man) to be out there making a run on a toilet paper. The "rich" arent doing that.

In the crypto world, "the whales" weren't selling at $3700 , they were probably buying the dip and consequently the old adage "the rich get richer" is proven once again. 

The "rich " think and act differently than the masses. They dont give into and live in a reaction based, fear filled way. They plan and look for good opportunities and take advantage of them when they arise. They dont panic! Ever! Even when they take a loss, it is a calculated  and unemotional one.

So, yeah there are some great conspiracies out there but in the crypto world none of them can stop you from increasing your wealth if you take control of yourself and your decisions. Make them based on research and logic and not how you feel or what your emotions are telling you. Dont be the person out there fighting to buy TP.


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