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CV-19 What did you learn about yourself?

By FullofShif | Full of SHIF | 18 Apr 2020

   The great CV-19 world pandemic of 2020 has taught our world a lot. Clearly whatever country you live in learned that they weren't prepared for any kind of health crisis. Medicine, Personal Protection Equipment, Health Personnel, Sanitizer and in my country (The US) the all important Toilet Paper. And many more that I wont take time to list. We all got caught with our pants down! But that's not what this post is about. This post is about what have you found that you weren't prepared for? What did you learn about yourself during this trying time?

  First this post is not to minimize the tragic loss of life that this has brought with it. We all pray for those individuals and families affected by it. This post is to focus on those of us who have lived thru it and how we move forward and become better for it. You see while I felt for the most part that I felt that had my shit together, I actually learned quite a bit about myself during this time. I guess I should say that I learned some things along with confirming some things I think I already knew but had not ever taken the time to deal with and correct. Things that I knew were affecting my productivity and efficiency in my business and career.

One thing that I knew but was definitely confirmed through all this was that I have too much stuff! When this whole thing broke out I was rigth int he middle of selling my house. I had listed it and got an offer literally within hours and the whole process went quicker than I anticipated. Well nothing will tell you that you have too much stuff than when you have to move it! Since i have been in the real estate development business over the years I own multiple properties and I had forgotten not only how much stuff I had in my personal residence but in my office and some of my other properties. Lets just say that in the kitchen and bath area I have supplies for years. And lets just say when it comes to TP, I am TP rich!

Along with the first confirmation I actually learned that I wasn't as organized as I thought I was. Now I never thought I was the King of Organizing but I kind of felt that I was probably above average. What became clear was that I had organized piles. I had tools here and I had tools there. I had files here and files there. I had electronics here, there and everywhere. I didn't have a centralized system of where to keep things. I had convinced myself that keeping some things at multiple properties meant that I could access them easier when I was there, when in fact it was disorganized and messy.

 I learned  that I have a tendency to hold onto things even though I no longer use them anymore. Yeah that thumbnail, that was one of my old phones. Totally useless and not practical but for some reason I was holding onto it. When I stopped to think about it I couldn't really answer why either. I mean was I waiting for the flip phone to come back? I think I got some of this from my father. I can remember him hanging onto some things and saying we might need that later. Later never really came for most of it.

I learned that I have too much stuff in general and a lot of it stems from my time management skills. I got so wrapped up in business and work  and making money that I didn't take the necessary time to keep myself organized. In fact I know there were times that I knew I had some tool or part but "in the essence of time" I just went and bought another one rather than look for it. I spent too much time in the office and figured "what the hell" I should just build a kitchen here! Well I have a kitchen now I need to get plates and dishes and appliances for it.  No I should have just went home to eat dinner. 

Due to this mandated quarantine I have had to slow down a bit. In my business I normally drive a lot and having that time back gave me time to organize and bit and realize just how much shit I have. How much stuff I have and how much of it I really don't need. Even though it wa forced on me it has been a good thing for me to learn that my life's pace was off. I needed to slow down to see the inefficiencies in it. To be able to gather my thougths better, rather than running from crisis to crisis. And realizing that some of the crises were self created by disorganization and poor time management.

Anyway, that's What I confirmed and learned about myself. How about you? any revelations that came to you while being holed up? Share in the comments, I would love to hear them. And most of all be safe!


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Just a guy who woke up one day realizing that I wasn't the person I wanted to be. Living a life thinking "I really should have" or "If I had only". Finally calling myself out for being full of should's and if's (full of shif so to speak). Well no more.

Full of SHIF
Full of SHIF

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