Full Court: Chapter Two.

By Chad762002 | Full Court. (NOVEL) | 21 Feb 2021


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Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. *** Adult content***



"Does it feel good?" Troy asked, ammused.


"Yes" I whimpred.


"Good." he bit mHe was wearing Althetic shorts, and there was no hiding himself, in them. It was clear that if I was ever going to lose my virginity it was gong to be be tonight. I figured he would fuck me, and never talk to me again,but I needed to be with him .We cuddled, and watched something.

When his hand slid up and down my stomach, I tired not to moan, but when I did, he slid his hand down my pants,I blushed, but I let him play with me "Does it feel good?" He whispered.


"Yes!" I whimpered, as he played with the tip.


"I know how I can make you feel better." He whispered pushing in to me.


My mind filled in the missing details. "How?" I asked


"Well, we are alone, in here, and if we are quite, no one will know.


He rolled over, on his back, I rolled to face him. He slid down his shorts, and I touched him through his underwater. He twitched it, and I blushed. "Come on, I showed you mine." He said egging me on. I noursly pulled off my pants, and my under wear. My little self, stood four cinchs straight out, he was at least twice as long, and three times as thick. He smirekd and kicked off ever thing, I did the same. I just stared at him, so big, and leaking alreadyI played with his leak, and he moaned. "Don;t stop." He moaned., taking mine. Some how he kissed me, and got me on my stomach, in a strange rolling manvuer.


Under him, him pushing himself into my cheeks, I felt his leak make him slide in my checks, slowly pushing harder, slowly focusing on my hole He spit, it wiped it on his tip, and pushed into me. "You are so tight." he grunted. I moaned as quietly as I could, h eas so warm, and so big. The bed creaked as he found the bottom of me. Slowly he worked in and out leaving his premess in me. he got going fast enough, that his scent became strong again, he pushed in me faster, and started to grunt. I had seen enough porn to know what this meant, I got ready for it, one last hard grunt, and wet exploded in me. "Fuck!" he grunted,


"Your coming in me." I moaned, as he throbbed in side me, and now he shot a much thicker, rope of cum in me. I was so excited. tp feel him cum in me, rope after rope, six of them total. Filled me, and my happy little butt. he laid on his side and pulled me to him. I curled up and he held me. and kissed the back of my head.


"Tonight we are safe here. Would you let me hold you tonight?" He wishpred.


"Only if you promise not to be a toad in the morning." I chuckled.


"That has never happened, so I can promise that." He paused, "Besides I have never felt this close to anyone before either."


I woke up the next morning, alone in a strane room, that was identical to my own. "Well." I sighed to my self. "Called it, just a notched on his belt." I sat up.


THe door to the hall opened. "Hey, your up." He frowned, but I smelt coffee, and saw the brown paper sack from the campus coffee shop. "Breakfast?" He held the bag out. "Nagel and cream cheese, and a black drip, with room for cream and sugar."


HE sat next to me on the bed, and we ate. "How'd you know to get a bagel and cream cheese?" I asked.



"That was the easy part." He chuckled. "You always sit under that tree, and eat them every morning... The coffee was always in a cup." I blushed at the attention he paid to me. "That is so cute." He smirked.


"I never thought of it as cute before." I sighed.


\"It's kind like your helpless to me." He smirked. "In a good way." He added.


"I was last night." I smikkred back. I wanted to always be helpless to him, the quite little house boy, that he rewarded for being his good boy.


"are you made I came in you?" He asked.


"It felt amazing, and how I wanted my first time..." I froze, and turned red.


"Oh." He smirked and kissed my head. "I knda figured it was, when I held you,: He smiled warmly. "Like straight Jocks, can be little man whores, not us gay ones though.." Something about how he said it made me feel better, so did breafast, I wasn't just a noticed in his belt, I felt safe again.


"Do you want to shower?" He smiled.


"Together?" I asked, as far as my eyes buldged.


"Yea, of course." He smiled. "Besides I still owe you for last night."


"Owe?" I asked.


"Well I came." He chuckled. I made a tent in my pants, just like a boy would, covered it with my hands. "Ohh, I see your already hellples to me there." He smirked and pulled me to my feet. He took me to the bath room, Still naked, and My four inches sticking out painfully hard he fell to his knees, and swallowed it whole. He felt warm and wet, and his troung danced on my shaft. He boobed his head a few times, I whimpered quitly, pushed into his mouth and made a mess in his mouth,


"Perect." He smiled standing.


"I didn;t last twenty seconds," I blushed.


"No." He held me. "You need to get over your small dick issues." He said. "I think its hot." He kissed my head. "Like your blushes. how short you are,m and how you cling to m, when I hold you." He sighed. "Its almost as if you need me."


"I do.." I WHispred.


"Good, cause I need you, I need you to need me, to keep you safe, and make you happy, cause that;s all I want to do."


"Mean it?" I asked quietly.


"Your are to me what a cheer leader is a straight jock, only your an interesting person, kind thoughtfully persons they"


I looked down at my small penis, now smaller and hiding. "But I look like highschool boy."


He smirked. "And looks arent important, It's you, that matters."He let me go turn on the water and got we got in the shower, he went first, then he washed me, I was ready to feel him in me again. My little hill maker was betraying me. He pushed me head first into the water, and rubbed my back. He rubbed his hands down my back, and massaged my cheeks, and then into them. I moaned when he starting messaging in me.


He slowly stooped, and I felt Him take the place of his fingers. "I hope oneday, just to know you well enough, but are you ready?"


I was desperate tfeel him again., but I nbit my lip and nodded slowly. He pushed harder and harder into me, slower this time. With no spit it was only his precum this moring, as lube, he had to push harder but I felt him strain, but he grunts were in my ear, as he leaned up against the wall Very grunt he made, was accomed by a bit of pain, that felt so good I moaned. Water washed down our backs, he slowly made me loose again, and he made a twacking sound as he made me his. "You are such a good boy." He grunted.


"Yes!" I moaned, if this was what being a good boy was, I wanted to be one. "Your so perfect." He gruned sliding hi hand to my pevlis, and pulling it towards him. I whimpered, but let him. "I want to make you mine, put a little chain on your neck, with a little hear lock, so people know who ou belong to someone." He bit my neck. "I want you to always feel safe enough, to be mine, to be proud of who you are around me." He sucked hard on my neck.


"So I just left my mark on you." IHe sounded proud, I pushes my hand between him nad my neck, and felt the tender spot. "It will fade." He whispered tenderly. He started to go hard again. "Do you want me to cum in you again?"


"Yes!" I moaned desperately. "Aleays!" He chuckled amsuded, frunted, and messed in me. "That's what good boys get." He said as he slid out. "Can you be a good boy?" I noturned to face him and nodded, he held me safe



We wdried off and I went to the sink to see how bad his mark was. "Oh shit." I mumbled.


"Yea, I don't do that often, I got a bit carried a way." He sighed.


"But its hot." I grinned at him through the mirror.


He walked be hind me and slide a drawer our. "So?" He asked taking a lock and chain out. It was thin, on him, it look cheap, but on my much smaller body, it'd look bit femine, and the heart lock was down right girly looking. I blushed. "Thats a maybe." He smirked.


"This has been amazing, and I r really like you, but can't we date first?" I asked.


"We can." He smiled putting it back. "But your going to get a new mark, everytime I cum in you." He smirked at me in the mirror.


"Twice in tewlve hours." I turned at smirked at him. "I don't think I have that much neck."


"Challenge accepted." He leaned down and kissed my forehead. "And I promise never to turn in to a front." I leaned up and kissed him



"Your so adroble, and so goofy." He smiled. "Can I walk you to class?" He asked.


"Yes!" I pushed him. "Do you want to meet me in the lobby."


"The unofficial cpatian...." He chuckled. "Of the basket ball team doesn't hide around, especially, when you are wearing my mark.


"IOh." I said.


"I mean If it makes you nerous." He said nerously.



"Noo, I just thought you were in the closet." I sighed.


"I am, but that isn't going to stop me from being your boyfriend." He paused to see how I reacted, which was of course to blush.


"Why me?" I asked. "Your a sexy giant, and I am almost a midget."


"Yea, but your a cute almost midget." He sighed. "You are shy, cute, and I think somewhere deep in you, is an amazing sense of humor." I blushed.


"It's dirty." I sighed.


"Everything about is perfect."


"But why?" I asked. I had to know he was just too perfect to just like me.


"because, I defintanly didn't plan on having sex with you last night." He passed. "I menan it, I was just going to take you to the soup kitchen, and see how you reacted. But we both had so much fun, when you asked to do something else, I was so excited. Like really, I am not the kind to sleep around, I was your first, you were my second." He suddenly lost the wind form his sails.


"Last night was special to me too, all of it." I looked away from him. "People don''t stop long enough to get to know me, You already knew me before we met." I paused. "It feels really nice... Really safe."


He grinned at me. "That is all I ever wanted to do." He opened the door, took my hand, and walked with me down the hall to the elvetor,people stopped talking, and started to whisper as we walked by. Troy gripped my hand harder. "It's ok." He whispered, "I got you." he took my hand and kissed it. I felt my face turn bright red. He took his arm, and held me by my waist, I felt safe, and I leaned up on him.


"Thank you!" I wihsiper to him.


"For keeping you safe?"


"No, you just came out for me." I whispered.


He pushed the call button. "I still owe you one, you gave me your virginity, and you look so hot with my mark." He almost swnarled "Besieds, I want you in that lock." We got in the elvotor, and he pushed the third floor button, my floor.


?So you came out for me?" I asked.


"Kinda." He chuckled. "No one spends the night in that room, and you weren't all that quite."


"Oh, so everyone was watching to see who came out?" I gulped we got to my door. I excused my self and got my bag and books. "Still we could have done it my way." He frowend but nodded. "So i think you get credit still." I grinedd at him.


"That chain would look good on you," He touched where the heart would sit, around my my neck, I blushed, and nodded. I did come out for me, surely ther ewould be hell to pay, socially. I tucked the idea into the think about it later pile. "What is your next class?" He asked.


"Its in the Since buiklding." I sais anously, he had dropped the chain issue pretty easily.


"Chemestry?" He asked, holding the door to the buildng. People started at us as he took my hand, we walked to the science bulding.


"Yea." I nodded.


"My hjero." He smiled at me, goofy, I laughed. "Ahh, see that is my favaoirte way to see you." He grinned. "Happy. you think alot, I can tell when you think, you nibble on your bottom lip, or chew on a pen." HE paused. "You also look sad alot." He sighed. "I don't like it when you look sad." "Well you are here." He smiled and kissed my cheek.


"I think being around you makes me happy!" I smiled at him. "Can we have lunch!?" I blurted then blushed for letting my excitment, get the best of me.


"Of course, I'll meet you, in the homed cook section, for ham on tuesdays." He chuckled. I blushed at the fact he knew that I always had Ham."With extra mac and chees."


"Man is there a manual about me or something?" I laughed.


"Yes, and I got the only copy." He kissed my hand. Then blushed. "What?"


"It's tuesday. I have english." I laughed at my self.


"101?" He asked.


"No creative writing!" I smiled.


"Ohh well you read enough, so I am sure you know what makes a good story!" He motioned me back down the side walk. "I also have english." He took my hand and lead me to the English building.



Thanks if you enjoyed please consider checking out chapter one.

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Full Court. (NOVEL)
Full Court. (NOVEL)

Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. #slash #Romace #LBTQ #BxB

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