Full Court Chapter Three.

By Chad762002 | Full Court. (NOVEL) | 27 Feb 2021

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Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. *** Adult content***


Troy met me in the lobby of the building. "I missed you!" I smiled, then turned bright red.


"Was I Running through your mind all, during class?" He laughed.


"Jump shots." I sighed. "You were doing Jump shots."


I opened the door for him. "Well, I like jump shots." He laughed. "Although probably not for why you do." He wiggled his eyebrows at me, I glanced away from hin, to hide the redding of my cheeks..


"Did you learn anything, useful?" I asked.


"What do you think?" He chuckled, putting his arm around my waist. "I thought about you the entire time.." He sighed.


"Troy you just broke my heart!" A girl said, walking towards us.


"Hey, tammy," Troy said. "This is Wil." He said stopping to chat, I wiggled anxiously, in his arm.


"Hi!" She smiled at me, she was pleasant, her smile drew your eyes to it., like a good old dog to the front of a warm fireplace.


"Hi." I nodded quietly at her. and tried to smile as friendly as she was. back..


"Well he is the shy quiet type, I just didn't know HE was also part of your 'type'." She sighed like she lost hope in marrying him. I felt jealous, lt was the overbitter tart ,but in my soul, I leaned into Troy, and slid my arm around his side.


"Aww, how cute you two are!" She squealed. "Well you broke a lot of girls hearts Troy, and you are the luckiest SOB alive." She smiled and booped my nose.


A while after we started walking Troy laughed. "You are so cute when you are Jealous!"


"I was not Jealous!" I objected.


He laughed. "And when you pout!" I groaned at him, That was not a pout. "And surrender..." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Grrr... tiger." I glared at him. "I won't even go into how cute that was either, anyhow, I am not complaining though." I raised an eyebrow at him. "Your arm is around my waist." He grinned.


We swiped our IDs at the door to the dining hall and got in line. "So where do you want to sit?" He asked. "At your table or with the guys?" He asked.


"Um..." I sighed. "Are the guys going to be cool with it?" I asked.


"There are a few other sets of eyes, that wander more than most others do in the locker room." He chuckled. "Sean may grumble, but that's it." He loaded up one plate with ham and potatoes, and the other with roles. "Gotta keep up my carbs." He smiled. "You know If you wanna sit just the two of us, I'd like that a lot."


"If they're cool." I smiled at him.


"The coolest!" We got our drinks, and went to his table, in the middle of the room. "Hey, Adam." He said as he walked up to the table. "Hey, Hands." He said to the kid sitting to the left of the empty seat next to Adam. "Could you scoot down one, for Will, My boyfriend."


"Oh I see how it is." He said standing up, guesting like he was offended, "You come out as gay Before I do, so you get to bring your boyfriend to the table." He laughed.


"I told you." Troy whispered into my ear. "It's ok, you can let go of my side now."


"Sorry." I whispered, and let go of him.


"Hey man I was just playing." Handz looked at me. "Not about the gay part, anyone, wanna get coffee after class? Cody?" He smiled at a guy. He grabbed his tray, and slid it down, a seat, his hands were three times bigger than mine.


"Dang!" I said.


"Yea." He chuckled. " Fellas, I give the best hand jobs." He wiggled his eyebrows around, I blushed. "Oh Troy, he is adorable!" He smirked at me and pinched my cheeks.


"Ok, I am a bit confused!" I said, pulling my face away from his finders. "Are you gay..."


"Can you piss straight on a windy day?"


"No..." Then I laughed.


"Handz, is just a funny guy!" Adam said. "Troy I am a bit annoyed about our experimentation in high school, and just finding out about this." He laughed.


"With chemistry being so hard." Troy rubbed his head.


"Hard?" Adam laughed. "My mother is your professor, and I proof read her Sybil, you can't be failing."


"Hey!" I pouted at Troy.


"I failed the pretest, like bad, did you know the chemical abbreviation for sodium was Na?" He asked me.


"Either, that is the worst lie I have ever heard, or my mom was right, and Mr. Clarkson, was a bad teacher." Adam laughed. I suspected a touch of both, not knowing who Mr. Clarkson is. "Well since he didn't introduce me, I am Adam, his best friend, since freshman year, in high school.."


"He has talked about you." I grinned at him. "Said your a real whiner."


The table laughed, I blushed, felt embarrassed for speaking so rudely, it was a joke, but they didn't know me, to know I was.. "Hey, don't feel bad." Hands said reassuringly. "A for effort B for timing, F for word choice... "Adam is honestly a pain in the ass." He laughed.


"Hey!" Adam laughed and threw a straw wrapper in Handz potatoes. "Am not!"


I looked at Adam, then pointed at Handz trays. "Not a pain in the ass?" I asked.


"Let me get you some cream for that Burn!" Handz laughed. "That was a good save!" He slapped my back, I practically jumped out of my chair.


"Ok,." I m sold." Adam smiled at Troy. "He's alright." He smiled at me. I felt really good, safe like when Troy held me, but not quite the same way. We finished and Troy walked me to my last claps for the day.


"You wanna, meet me at the dorms?" He smiled at me.


"Naw." I sighed. " I gotta call my mom, and see if she forgot to deposit my allowance." I sighed.


"Oh, ok." He said a bit more gently than I expected.


"Dinner?" I asked.


"Meet you at your room at 5?" He smiled.


"I'll meet you." I smiled. He looked puzzled at me. "My roommate is a pig."


"Like a jerk, or messy?" He asked.


"Yes!" U=I laughed, "Messy, and a bit of a pig." I laughed.


"Ok." He squeezed my hand. "If you wanna come by early."


"It's the only place, I'd like to be." I smiled at him. We said goodbye, and I went to my room.


"Hey, just checking to see if you're ok." I texted her.


"Yea Why?"

"it's Tuesday, allowance?"


"Your mother has been giving you money?!" Now clear my father had my moms phone



"I cut you off! you little bestirred." I threw my phone into the wall, making a hard bang, that I was sure echoed throughout the echo chamber for walls on the floor.


"Hey." Tory knocked at the door.


"What?!" I sobbed to myself.


"Let me in, I forgot to do something." He paused. "Please!?" He said I dried my eyes, and let him in. "hey,:" He leaned in and kissed me, and bit my lip.. When he pulled away I had a goofy grin. "That is so much better." He smiled and hugged me. He looked at my bed. "Hey sunshine. who pissed you offs." He asked quitly, but chuckling


"I looked to see my phone sticking into the eall. "Oh dear, Oh no, no ."


"Sunshine!" Tory chucked. "My little sitter and I put many... much larger holes in the walls. My dad believes that the punishments, should ironically fit the crime, He taught me how to fix them, and only noticed when we ran out of paint." He laughed. "I got you." He pried my phone from the wall, knocking a bit of drywall out. It didn't seem to phase him, so I sighed, relieved. "Your dad is an ass." He sighed.


I collapsed to the bed, and sobbed. "What am I going to do?" I asked. I felt my face get red, I felt Troy sit next to on the bed, and rubbed my back. "I got you." He said softly.


I looked back at him and dried my runny nose. "you Pay for books, food, clothes, and next semester tuition?"


"Yea!" He chucked and smiled so warmly it made me feel safe. He tugged me to the proper spooning position and held me. "I mean you've seen my car, My dad makes..." He paused. "So if I say good money, you'll see my house, and think I don't get it, but I do." He sighed. "My dad makes good money this is just the 'good deed' he likes to do."


"Why?" I asked, unable to figure out why anyone would be so kind, especially to me. I had never done anything important, saved a life, I just breathed, and ate.


"Education is important to him." He sighed. "I mean, I could have gone pro, skipped college, would have been a battle, but my dad could have had the NBA, change the rule, but he said no." He paused, looking in the distance.. "Many, many times."


"You could have, gone pro, but I don't think that your dad could have changed the NBA's mind."


"Are you saying I'm wrong?" He whispered into my ear just be fore nibbling on it.


Waves of unending pleasure washed over my body. "Of course not." I moaned.


"Thought not." He whispered He slid his hand under my shirt, and up my chest. I whimpered and pushed my butt back into him. "You ready to be a good boy?" My mind raced about the pretty boy chain, and gurly heart lock. How pretty it'd look on my neck, how I'd be his boy. I desperately wanted to be his boy, whatever that meant. His hand slid down to my underwear, he griped me, most of his hand, but still had a finger free to tease my tip. He pushed into me, we were still clothed, I wanted to feel his bare skin against mine, his mainly , against my skin.



I whimpered, and pushed into his hand, and messed in my underwear. "Thank you!" I panted as he took his hand back.


"Good boy." He kissed my head, I hope you know, that I will always make you feel this safe." He whispered.


"All I have to do, is wear that lock?" I asked.


"No." He chuckled. "You have to be you, let me be me...." He kissed my neck again. "Do what..."


"You want me to do?" I snorted.



He chuckled. "You want! I think that you are probably the most interesting person I've met."


"Well, I don't want to wear a chain." I chuckled. "I want all of that, without it."


"For everything in life there is a cost." He held me close. "Sometimes, it works out, that two parties can both get what they want, sometimes, one gives something, they don't want to give away, to get something. This is something your going to have to give on." He whispered.


"Why?" I kinda like the idea of the chain, but wanted to test him.


"Because as long as you wear it, you are mine." He kissed me. "Every free moment i have with you will be about you, always... How can I make you happier, how can I make your life better, how many new ways I can leave you utterly satisfied." I blushed. "In other words, I want to make you so happy, whatever your dad does, will never matter too you."


"All that for a chain?" I chuckled awkwardly, then scowled at myself in the middle space.


"When you put it like that." He chuckled. "it is a bit transactional. but trust me having someone to give myself to like that, to provide for, take care of, and love like that would make me the happiest man alive... and the luckiest if he were you."


"Do you remember that chain?" He chuckled. I nodded. "Cute little silver rings, all linked tougher. a bunch of little pre-mess bound together held together by my heart." He kissed me.



"Well." I chuckled. "If I am going to write fiction, you should write poetry."


He kissed me, "is that a yes?" i nodded slowly. "Who said I don't?" He chuckled. "There is more to me than what most people can see "


"I... I ... Didn't mean to say you were shallow." I managed to stammer.


"You didn't" he kissed the back of my head. "I won't bring up the chain again." I could feel his desire, through his voice.


"Let go get it." I blurted. "I mean I'll wear it."


He put it around my neck, put it together "Ready?!" He asked. I nodded, containing my excitement., then he took it away. "Good, I want to take you someplace special to do it."


I turned to him and pouted. "Tease."


"No." He chuckled and booped my nose. "But if you want me to be one." I glared at him, playfully. "This is new for you, i like it." He grinned at me.. I sighed at him. "Then t h pout!"


"That was not a pout!" I glared at him.



He chuckled, and pulled my head down, kissed my forehead, and pulled it to his chest. I noticed as I was staring into middle space, his bulge. He as ready for more, i noticed the little rock hard bump of my own, I shimmied free, and turned on my other side, and wiggled my butt a bit into him. A least that is what I wanted to do, once i felt him against it, I wiggled a bit more.


"Ohh. He chuckled. "Is that what you after?" He rolled on top of me, his weight and warmth, made me safe, but it was mainly is confidence and dominance that made me feel safe, and surprisingly desired.


He pushed his disappointed clothed self into my butt. "Maybe." I moaned


"Maybe?" He pushed into me again. "Sex feels good, it's ok to want it. Hell, I like that you hinted to me." He pushed into me again, only making my mind race through the first night.


"Really?" I asked.


"I'm young, you're young, Sex should always be on our minds." He pushed into me again. "Do you want me to..." I appreciated him asking, if made me feel respected, and more than just some random hookup.


"Yea." I moaned as he pressed into me hard. He pulled me up to all fours by my hips, making me throb in my pants, he once again, showed his dominance.


He reached around me undid my pants and slid, them to my thighs, I felt him do the same. He put himself against my boy hole and massaged it until his premess made him slippery. I knew and anticipate], eagerly to him sliding into me. He pushed and grunted, he penetrated me. I realized that I was on all fours like a dog. He was the Alpha, the dominant one, and when he fucked me like t his, I was his bitch. I felt myself twitch.


"Yea." I moaned as he worked the head of himself, into the bottom of my boy hole. In a few minutes, he was going to fill it with cum, making it hjis cum hole. I felt his premises lube me up, and how much better it felt. He grunted as he buried deeper into me, hitting what I thought was the depth of my hole, but still trying to push in deeper. "Troy." I moaned. then paused for a second. "I want you to make me yours."


I felt him throb i me. "you already are." He grunted, now that I was loose and insides covered with pre mess, he slowly started, the process of making my boi hole his cum hole. "But I will cum in you again." HE put his arms around my waist pulled me to him, and pushed into me, and out of me, this time, much harder and faster, i moaned, and he put his hand over my mouth. "It's so hot when I make you do that, but this isn't late at night, I don't care that people outside this room know, what we are doing, but you might." I nodded my head, in appreciation, for making me feel so good, but protecting me. I continued my moans to whispers. "That's even better." Harder meant quicker, and when he started to grunt more I knew he was going to mess ing me.


"Mess in me." I moaned quietly.


"If you mean this?" He grunted, pushing all the way in me, his cock throbbed. I felt what I desperately wanted, the warmth, and wet from him and into me, throbbing and pulsing in the process, again he pushed so hard into me, only leaving his mess in me as deep as he could, i whimpered with each pulse, throb our addition to his mess. "I cum, you make little messes." HE grunted as he moves his hand to my little pole. he put his three fingers on it, and made me whimper and moan, as he worked his fingers up it. "That's right this feels just as good doesn't it?" I slowly shook my head.


"Your much better." I whimpered, and looked down, to see me shoot my thin water, mess on to my bed. Had I been home, I would have cleaned it up, so my dad wouldn't have seen it, here in the safety of my dorm room, I just stared at it/ Until there was a knock at the door. 




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Full Court. (NOVEL)
Full Court. (NOVEL)

Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. #slash #Romace #LBTQ #BxB

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