Full Court: Chapter One.

By Chad762002 | Full Court. (NOVEL) | 21 Feb 2021

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Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. *** Adult content***


I waddled out of my bed, quietly as not to wake my roommate Jake. He was the college stoner roommate from hell. He was up all night, came home smelling like the stinking like 'it' My mornings started at 8:00 Am, three hours after he sometimes crawled into bed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

I waddled into the bathroom, turned the water on, and let it get hot. I stripped off my PJ's and stood in front of the mirror. I inspected the pubescent boy that stared back at me. He was eighteen, almost, but looked more like a high school freshman, than a college freshman. He was just as short as a High school freshman, his hair was messy fine brown, that ran where ever it wanted, merely when the weatherman, mentioned wind... I goraned at my self.

How I loathed myself, I had died many years ago, my soul, at least. My body and mind lived on, I was alone in the world,  always a drop in the ocean of people around me. If you took the time to get to know me, you knew I was shy, funny, and friendly. Most people I knew from high school had forgotten me.

"Smile at him." I grumbled at my self but forced the smile. "He is a good guy." I stepped into the shower, I only felt two things, both of which was in  shower. The first was the warm water, and soap wash over my skin, removing the dirt, and in my mind the stresses from the previous days, often times when I had a bad day, I took a shower to wash away the anxiety. The other was when I picked up the mysterious third bottle of dollar store shampoo that wasn't mine and got replaced frequently.

Surly Jake, used it for a realse, guys do, it cleans up the life-giving mess, down the drain. I was gay, so my mess would never be used for life-giving, and I was going to die alone, and a virgin. So it was fitting, mine went down the drain.

I leaned down over the drain, one hand covered in apple shampoo this time...  The other on the wall with the showerhead on in. I let the warm water rinse me off and make me feel safe one last time before got my release. The other worked its way up and down my shaft, faster and faster. It looked like a Highschooler's. A dozen jerks of my hand and I messed on the shower floor. I panted and got ready for my day.

It was 8:30 sharp when I hit the elevator. I was pedantic to my schedule, and sometimes I met the cute guy from the third floor in the elevator, Some times  I didn't, he was normal like that. The elevator stopped, I got excited, he got on with his girlfriend, in clothes it looked like she slept in. He was tall, 6ft 3, and worked out. As his girlfriend held on to his arm, I got jealous, I practically ran out of the elevator, and the building. Morning claseses had just started, and it was already hot, at 8:35. I enjoyed my morning strolls, the path to the Student commons, and campus coffee shop, but it was Friday morning, and I was hoping I still had enough allowance, on my debit card, to get a bagel. I had just enough, I ordered my coffee and bagle, and sat under my tree just out side the commons, and pulled out the Webnovel app, and picked up on the slash I was reading.

Between scrolls I liked to look up and watch the people walk by. Troy walked by, the God of the Basketball team. He was a Freshman that played Varisty, rumor had it he wasn't the captain, by choice, it made him interesting, a jock who didn't want to be captain. He'd be perfect if there wasn't a rather romantic looking kiss between him and a Cheerleader at the end of every game. Still, he'd have to notice me. I sighed and went on reading. The Student union, had the main dining hall, so most students came here daily, it had the best selection of food.

A few chapters in I heard a: "Hey!" From a friendly male voice. I looked up at the shadow looming over me. "Can I join you for a second?" It asked. "Hey, I am tory!" It said, as the shadow sat, and became a person. I blushed, I hated it so bad, if I was even the slightest bit embarrassemed, it showed as deep red.

"I know." I chuckled. "You're going to be in a video game." I chuckled.

"I am!" He said goof, and ammsued that i knew it... "You going to buy it?" He asked .

"NO, I don't play sports games. Sorry." He looked like I had hit him in the gut. "But I like the math of sports." I smiled.

"Oh?" He asked, curiously.

"Well, I can tell you, you don't take enough three point shots." I smniled at him. "When you shoot your two point shots, you typically shoot, 1/3 of the way to the three point line, but statistically you make just as many there as you do and the three point line." He nodded at me. "I think if you ran it back to the three point line, you could choose your shot, so you'd be more accurate, but also you'd get about five points more a game like that."

"Coach would love to meet you." He chuckled.

"It's just math." I shureed.

"Yes, but coach has been telling me that for a month, but you explained it to me, in a way, that I will do it now." hE laughed. "Your Taking Chem 200?"

"Yea, I took AP chem in highschool." I nodded.

"Ok, can You meet me and The althetic center, at Seven?"

"Sure." I sighed confused, but had nothing better todo. I was already ranking pretty high in my fortnite."

He stood and helped me up. "See you then!" He smiled. "I gotta get to class." I walked to my first class, confused by sudden interest in me from the cutest guy on campus, I sghed, The most unababile guy to me.

Class drug on, but it finally ended, Troy ran through my mind the entire period.. Or session, because this wasn't highschool anymore. I walked to the main dining hall, and got my Thrusday Pizza, and walked over to my table. In the conerer by the cashier, it was far enough away to be private, but no one sat here any way I mulled over my Ham and Pineapple pizza, which the cook joked he baked fresh just for me every day.

I watched as the Basket ball jocks walked in, a few at a time. Troy walked in and waved at me, I gave the obgiatory smile and nod back, and put my nose backinto my phone, to finish the chapter I was on.

"Hey!" Troy said as he walked by my table, again, so far away from everyone, he clearly walked over here to say something. I nodded at him. "We're still on for seven?" He asked.

"Yea." I smiled at him.

"Great, see you then!" He smiled, and walked back to his table. I decided to skip my next class, the Professor was cool, and it was Chemestry, and this was still review. She had an opt out for the first .two week. A pretest, which I easily got a perfect score on. I would have gone, but I just couldn't focus, my book got really good, and was thinking about take an early second shower. Jake was home, so I passed. I put on my head phones, and played on my hand me down gaming laptop from my father. My mother made him give it to me, it was good enough for school, and the fortine i played. I lost track of time, and missed dinner, but had just enough time to get to the althetic center, a lot more disshuffled looking then I wanted.

I walked in, the main practice basket ball courts. They were the only thing being used, and I was just a few minutes early, I patted my hair down, and walked into the gym.

"Ok guys, stretch it out." The coach shouted after blowing his wistle. The team that had been running up and down the court stopped, and stretch, Troy was talking to a guy, stretching his quads, talking. He saw me, smiled and nodded his head at me.

After there were done stretching he came over to me, he was still lightly coated in sweat, his hair, looked like he had just gotten out of the shower, and the slight smell of fresh sweat and work, hung in the air. He was a sexy beast, at his finest, the sweat revealed every contour of his toned arms, and his jersey clung to his chest, and  reaveld a chest that looked padded enough for extended cuddles.

"Thanks for coming." He smiled at me. "So I here your pretty good at Chem." He smiled.

"I guess." I shrugged.

"OK so now your being modest, your are the first student in Profeswsor chem 200 class to get a perfect score, on the pretest."

"Yea." I blushed.

"I need help in chem." He sighed. "Im already not doing good enough, to worry about my edgbility." He sighed shamefully.

"Oh no problem." I smiled at him. "I'd love to help." My heart raced, I was going to be alone with the hottest guy, on campus!

We chatted for a while about where he was struggling, and was sure I could help him.

"Have you eaten yet?" He asked. I blushed and shook my head. "Why the blush?" HE chuckled, which made it worse. "hey, Now I didn't mean to make it worse." That only made it worse. "Ok," He sighed. "I assume you stuck your nose in a book, or video game." I nodded still red. "Ok, I was just asking, If you'd like to get dinner, and talk about it more."

"Oh." I sighed, almost relieved.

"You know you need to relax." He sighed. He nodded. "I mean it, I, not going to to be mean to you, I think your interesting." My heart swooned, like it belong to a boy, head over heals in love. "So what did have you so wrapped up, that you forgot dinner." He chuckled.

"Fort nite." I sighed.

"Hey, now, that is something we both have in common." He sighed. "I bet I am better than you."

"Not to be rude or argont." I sighed. "But i doubt it."

"Ohh how do you know that?"

"The Bandwagon Bandits,. has askeedme to join." I sighed. "My computer kinda sucks though, so I cant."

"You need a sponsor." He laughed. "You can borrow mine, and time." He chuckled. "It's been a while. He chuckled "Why don't you come with me while hop out of the dirty uniform." He turned to the locker room.

"You mean in the locker room>" I gulped, to myself. In the same room, with a mostly naked Troy? I was so nervous, but the thought of him in nothing else was to tempting to pass up on. So My wandering eyes followed him. He stopped at a locker in the back corner, and slid off his jersey, and shorts, tossing them into a hamper. He was wearing skin tight compression shorts, neon red, that didn't hid the fact that he was packing, unless he was wearing something over them. He glanced at me an I was sure he caught me, so I turned a way, and blushed.

"You don't spend much time in a locker room." He chuckled, drying off with a towel.

"Im five foot nine, and I think I could eat an entire all you can eat buffet, and still weigh less than you." I sighed.

"So you say you don't have a reason to be in one?" He nodded. I shguredd at him, he put his arm around me freidnly like. He smelt like he had just gotten off of practice, a low and sweet man scent around him. I instantly made a hill in my pants, but I pulled my shirt over it to hide it. He took me to his car in the parking lot, he drove a purple;le four mustand, it looked brand new. Of course I mused to my self, a jock and a fast sports car. We got in. "You ok with soup?" He asked. "I know just the place." I nodded, I would have been happy, with taco hell, just to be around him, he went too hard on the eyes.

"Where this place?: I asked as he drove us to the bad parts of down town. "For that matter what is this place?" He parked the car.

"Ok just trust me, II think your going to like this." I sighed to myself but nodded. I followed home to an unsavory looking aleey we walked into a little restaurant,. "Welcom to Soups-a-lot." He smiled.

"Soups a lot?" I asked.

"Yea, it's a mnon-forprofit, soup kitchen, any one can come, and pay what they want, if they can... Or its free."

"You work here?" I asked.

He handed me an apron. "No, most people volunteer." He paused. 'not to brag or be rude, but you see I drive a very nice car, I am blessed, more than I will ever know." He said nervously. I groaned to my self, he was hot, friendly, nice, and generous, why did he have to be straight.

"Well, looks like its ask for one volunteer, and get two." I made the lamest joke I ever had made, but I did put the apron on.

"Great!" He smiled, putting on his, his smiled changed to a slightly conent smirk.. We severed soup for about an hour, and cleaned up., and made our own bowls

"Hey this is pretty good." I said as I took a bite.

"Soup is cheap, we bake the bread here, too." He said, I took his statment as a suggestion to try it. "But nothing that is cheap has to taste like it." He smiled. "Do you really like your soup?" He asked.

"I like creamy chicken noodle soup, it's my favorite." I smiled at him. "It is literally the best I've had!"

"Really?" He kinda blushed, I nodded. "I fine tuned the recipe." He smiled, proudly. I groaned again , he was straight, but not quietly enough. "Wha?."

My face turned redder than ever, I felt like I could take a bath in the fridgide alantic, and still feel hot. I looked at him, he looked more than a bit put off. "There is another reason I don't go in locker rooms." I sighed. I didn't want to tell him, I was gay, jocks don't like gay boys like me. "I am gay."

He laughed nervously. "Good, I am not that bad off then." I looked at him confused and a bit hurt my self. "So am I." He sighed.

"Wait was this a date." I said frantically, matting my hair.

"leave it." He grinned. "It was cute. And no, it was just an excuse to spend time with you... And to see if you were a good person."

"Oh." I mumbled. "am I?" I asked nerously.

"You stayed a shfit at the kitchen, and didn't complain, and you like my soup!" He chuckled.

"It I wasfun, and It was amazing. Can we do something else now?" I asked

"Sure!" He smiled. "You wann walk around campus?"

"it's pretty at night." I smiled at him, he cleaned our dishes, and drove us back to campus. We walked up and down the campus, every turn we made I was afraid it was going to be the last. It was warm out that night, and the sky was clear, brelifly when we were alone he took my hand. We got back to the resdent hall. "Come to my room for a bit?" He asked, My mind raced faster than my heart, thinking he could hold me for a while. We got to his room, he opened the door, and turned on the lights.

"You live here?" I asked, staring into the room, which had nothing more tan two beds, desks, night stands, two tv's and a few things in either closet.

"No, Adam my buddy and I live in town, so we stay at home most of the time, but we got dorm rooms anyhow." He smiled. "Its our alone space, and its just handy, to have our own shower." He sat on the bed, and took off his shoes, I was so nervous, and so scared, he stood and slowly hugged me, he felt warm, and he made me feel safe. I wrapped my arms around him, and rested my head on him.

"See, It's nice to be alone." he whispered kissing my head. I blushed, but it didn't bother me, I felt safe, and never wanted to leave his arms. I made a hill in my pants, he slid his hand down my back, and pulled my butt to him, My hill pushed into him, but I felt his own much larger moutians hill push in to mine.

"I see we are felling the same way." He whispered.


"I've never been this close to anyone before." I shivered. "I feel safe."

"Lets cuddle on the bed." He pulled me to it.



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Full Court. (NOVEL)
Full Court. (NOVEL)

Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. #slash #Romace #LBTQ #BxB

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