Full Court: Chapter Four.

By Chad762002 | Full Court. (NOVEL) | 1 Mar 2021

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Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. *** Adult content***


"Shit." Tory grunted. "Were you expecting anyone?" He asked as he pulled up his pants.


"No," I groaned, as I did the same and answered the door. "Jake?" I asked puzzled. "Why did you knock?" I asked as he walked in.


"Yea." He chuckled. "There is no way to have sex, and not have the entire floor talk about it." He chuckled. I went pale, no one ever mentioned this to me. Then he went pale when he saw who I was having sex with. "You go get him, tiger." He smirked at me. "I didn't know you were gay." He chuckled at Troy,


"It was a closely guarded secret, like your grandmother's sugar cookie recipe." Troy grinned,


"What did you do to the wall?" He asked as he saw the phone shape hole above my bed.


"He was practicing his frsibee golf throws." Tory chuckled, Tory looked at me and saw my bright red face, and frowned. "I was helping him with his form, so we can go play, on the campus course."


"Ah." Jake nodded, in the way he did if he had doubts. "Well, it's on your half of the room, so whatever." He shrugged.


Troy, took my hand, and tugged me gently to the door. "Come on, let go play." He said. He looked at Jake. "I'll fix the hole, don't worry." He chuckled. We left and walked to his car, he opened the trunk and took out a frisbee.


"We are actually going to play?" I asked.


He laughed. "The most important part of a lie, is the follow though." He laughed, I thought for a second and nodded at him. We walked to the big field, next to the science building at played on the course, which went around the entire campus.


"So, we can go to the dining hall or we can go to my house." He smiled at me. I gulped, meeting his family scared me, I thought of the nasty man my father was. "It's up to you, but my mom really wants to meet you." He smiled.


"She does?" I asked confused. "You told her about me?"


He laughed. "Yes she does, and yes i did, She knows ';things' about people, and I have learned, that keeping secters from her is pointless."


"I'd like to meet her." I smiled at him.


"Great!" He smiled as we talked back to his car. "My dad is going to be excited too." We walked back to his car, and he like a gentleman held the door for me, It was strange that his father would want to meet me, I was his son's gay boy friend, and I wasn't much of a man. No muscles, I like reading and playing PC games. "You ok?" he asked me as he got in. "You got quiet since i...." he Paused. "OH. he's nothing like the text your dad sent you."


I blushed, and expected him to tell me he thought I was being cute, but he smiled, kissed my hand, and drove us to his house. He was right, he would have seemed modest had he called his lifestyle good, but he would have seemed like a spoiled brat any other way. That being said I'd call it opulent. that would just make him sound like a prick. "Well?" He asked as he waited for the gait to open.


"I love it, its so big!" I blurted and blushed.


"I think that is the second time you've told me that." He smirked.


"It's really nice." I said, he smirked at me. I groaned. He pulled up to the detached garage, and he pulled in.


"This is the gust house and garrage." He smiled. "My dad's attempt to keep me in the house, but give me the college experience."


He got out, and opened my door. "Troy?" I woman called from behind us. Troy held me close. "Hey is this Wil?" She asked him.


"Yea." Troy chuckled. He pried my arm off his side and held my hand instead. "He's a bit nervous to meet you." He smiled. then I realized, that without noticing it, I had a strangle grip on his side. He put his other arm around me.


"Well I am glad to finally meet you." She smiled.


"Finally?" I blushed and glance at Troy..


"Oh yes, he's talked about you none stop, since classes started" She chuckled, for weeks. Now I blushed because I never even knew He was interested in me. "Will you two be coming in for dinner?" She smiled. She chuckled to herself, and I noticed her eye caught on the marks on my neck, but she quickly shifted her attention away.


"NO, I think I will cook tonight. Do you think dad would mind if we came in for dessert?"


"NO, HE WOULDN'T." She laughed. "But you cooking?" She chuckled as if she had never thought of she'd hear him say those words before.


"Yea." Troy chuckled. "You know I am the best cook!" HE chuckled, and his mom laughed, I searched his face for sarcasm, I didn't see it, "Come on." He smiled and tugged on my side so i'd follow him.


"It was nice to meet you!" I smiled at his mom. as we walked into the first floor from the garage into his apartment, i sighed. "She was nice!"


"She likes you!" He chuckled.


"How do you know?!" I asked confused.


"Cause, she didn't insist on having us in for dinner." He chuckled. "She's a real good judge of charter, if she had any doubts, it would have been dinner and twenty questions. Now it will be dinner just the two of us for dinner, and only 10 questions over ice cream." He sighed.


"With your dad?!" I asked



Troy's POV.


"Yes." I kissed Wil's head. "Just put everything you know about your dad, out of your mind, my dad is nothing like yours." I kissed him again.


"Promise?" He asked adorably timid.


"The first of many to come." I sat my keys on the kitchen island. "Welcome." I smiled at him, facing him, my back the rest of my apartment. "Down sitairs is the kitchen, and dining room." I looked at a mess of papers and text books on the table. "Uh, I wasn't expecting you."


He laughed. "It's perfect, cause it's you." He smiled at me, and started to tidy up a bit.


I put a hand on one of his, to stop him. "It's ok." I smiled at him. "Down here is the laundry room, a bathroom, and the livngroom. Up stairs is my bedroom, and my man cave."


He laughed. "I've never been in someone'sman cave' before." He grinned at me.


"It's really cool." I smiled at him. "but first, I am going to get dinner going."


"Can I help?" He asked.


"Just come have a Pesi, and look adorable." I grinned at him, and got him what I knew was his favorite drink. I turned to the stove, what I was about to do was going to be painful, but I knew he could cook his mothers, 2nd cousin and my mom was distant facebook friends, and he had let it slip he was very surprised when Wil had cooked for him I cooked everything lke usual, boiled the water, salted it, when Wil reminded me to, only proving my point, and then, forgot to take it off.


"What's that smell?" I grunted.


":Did you take the pasta off the stove?" Wil looked adorably nervous.


"I thought, you let it boil untill the water was gone." I forced a fake sigh of defeat.


"Oh no you dont" He shot up and ran to the stobe. He picked the pot up and ran over to the sink, and ran it under some hot water. "Where did you get that idea?" HE asked bewildered.


I shrugged. "I gues I runied dinner huh?" I said pretending to feel bad.


He looked at me puzzled, then at the pot in the sink. "Do you know what is cheaper than milk?" He asked. I shrugged. "PASTA, and you don't cry over spilt milk now do ya?" He said wiggling his head a bit, he was such a beast at times. "Now don't worry I can fix this, we will just wait another twenty minutes, and we'll be eating then!" He smiled, as he owned my kitchen better than I ever could. It worked out far better than I had hoped, he decided to show me how to make the sauce from scratch, and then the pasta, and of course the only way to make really good Italian is to make boatloads of it, so I invited my parents in.


"Troy!" My dad said as I opened the door.


"Hey dad!" I smiled a him, then half frowned.


"Yea I know, it's technically my house, it feels funny for me to." He chuckled. That is what I liked about my dad, sometimes, we just had the same feeling, and he always knew.


"Come in, Wil is in the kitchen." I smiled at it. "Buffing the plates or something." I joking called back to him.


"Just making sure everything is perfect!" HE called back.


I walked to him., and tugged him toward the door. "Wil, this is my dad."


"Hi." Wil smiled, at my dad, who had extended his hand to WIl, it took him a second to figure out what my dad wanted.


"Troy says, you're a student at the college." He smiled.


"Yea, I love it, well-loved it." Wil, sighed.


"Hey I told you, that would work out." I scolded him.


"Yea I am sure it will, son an education is important." Wil looked at my father with excitement.


"Well, dad, that's t he thing." I sighed. " Wil's parents can't afford to send him to school next semester,, and money got tighert already, and he may have to leave this semester." I gave my dad the little half wink half head bob we call each other bluffs in poker. he smiled a bit and nodded.


"Well I think I get where Troy is going with this, and I think we can make something work." He smiled at Wil. "Lets just worry about the details later, and enjoy the night." He made the nodded back. "Honey, why don't you go see if Wil, needs help." My mom smiled at him like she already knew telepathically, that he wanted to talk to me alone.


"God." I chuckled when they left to the kitchen. "I really think she can read minds."


"Nah, Its two kids, and twenty-two years of marriage, but sometimes, I do wonder myself."


"I can too read minds." She laughed from the kitchen, my dad and I glanced at each other and chuckled.


"Spooky." I shivered.


"What's up with Wil, he seems really nice."


"His dad doesn't like "fag" son." I made the appropriate quotation fingers.


"Oh, well, Thats dumb." He sighed. "Well, I have always wanted to have a scholarship program!" He smiled. "One for young LGBTQ adults, like Wil, He looks so shy, and timid...." He paused like there was something he wanted to aske, then gazed through Wil a bit. "Well, he smart and nerdy, and just needs a hand, to get on his feet..." He chuckled. "Not who I was expecting you to bring home...", I glared at him. "I was just like him when I was his age, it was only a good thing." he sighed as if he was remembering his youth.


"Troy Dinner!" Wil called, for a second, it sounded familiar. like he had done it every day for the last three years, I grinned,


"I did that to the first time your mom said that." My dad chuckled. "I think your in for some real trouble." He chuckled.


"Oh?" Wil asked as he sat at the table.


"Yea, Troy's mom, was right about you two..." He sighed. "Again."


"Dad." I groaned. "I didn't want to bring that up yet."


"Oh, this is going to be good!" Will leaned into my mom, excited. I smiled at him, it was good to see him forget he was around strange people, this excited.


"Ok, I don't make predictions on Powerball numbers." My mom waived her hands disclaming. "but somtimes, as girl my dreams would happen like everytime my mom said we could go to the mall or the park I'd dream about it, and always be ready for her." Wil nodded eargly. "Then I had Troy, and then I knew, that one day, he was going to met someone, who was smart loving, and good with arts, like cooking." She pointed out, taking a bite...


'That's cool!" Will blurted out.


"Yea, but again the night before Troy started talking about you, I drermpt that person was really close." My mom looked pleased.


"Well. Wil will fit in here..." My dad chuckled at the alliteration.


"Yea, its a bit of a mouth full." Will chuckled


Then it occurred to me. "Where is Becky?" I asked.


"Four people fit at this table." My mom chuckled. "She did ask us to bring some back, she said it smelt great." She paused. "Besides she is really excited to meet Wil, and I didn't want to do that to him." Wil looked at her confused. "Dinner with the parents first!" She smiled.


We finished dinner, I helped my dad wash up the dishes, so Wil didn't try and do it himself. "He's a good kid." He said not looking up from the sink


"Yea, he's pretty great." I sighed.


"I just didn't expect him to be a foot shorter than you." He chuckled. "No one expected me to marry your mom, she is 6 inches taller than me." He paused. "How bad is it?"


"You mean between him and his father?" I sighed. "I don't know, but he also needs a new phone, he read the message, and played frisbee."


My dad nodded. "Well, that is a hint things aren't good." He sighed. longer and slower than the last, he was proably thinking about something.


"Hey I was going to do this." Wil pouted.


"Nah, its a Howard man thing." My dad chuckled. "We can't cook, expect for Troy." He chuckled. "Don't know how that curse skipped him."


"Wait, you said you thought pasta was done when the water boiled off." Wil glared at me.


"Busted." My dad chuckled.


I pulle him in to my arms. "I did, but you cooked dinner for my family, and had such a wonderful night." I smiled at him.


He pouted, then smiled. "You really do have the owner's manual." He snuggled his cheek into my chest.


"Done here." my dad said, tossing the towel, on the center of the sink. "I'm going to go, grab us a bit to drink." He dismissed himself. "Then we can talk about what this scholarship will look like."


"Scholarship?" Wil asked me after my father had left.


"I told you he'd get you taken care of." I held him.


My mom poked her head in the kitchen. "Your dad wants to do adult icecream floats." She said and got out the juice glasses and the icecream scoop.


"Ok, just tonight." My dad said with a small bottle of Baileys. "Only cause it is a special night ... And with all the cream this should not, amount to much." My mom took the chocolate ice cream from him, and put a small scoop in each of them. Wil and I moved back to the table. and my dad brought us our noticeably smaller drinks. "Don't push it." My dad chuckled when I went to push it. He always accepted the fact that drinking before twenty-one was something that he'd let us kids do around the house, on special occasions. Neither of us were dumb, the smaller size was just like my first razor missing it's blades.


"You stir it." I showed Wi stirring mine.


"That's good." He smiled, tasting it.


"Well Pending the legal things...." My dad smiled at Wil. "I'd like to offer you a full-ride scholarship, to any school you'd like."


"What?!" Wil gulped.


"Yes!" My dad smirked, in glee. "I mean, any school, anything you need, a new laptop, ane phone, a car if you need it." He took out a check and filled it out. "Here is petty cash." He ripped the check out, and slld it to Wil.


Wil took out his phone and googled Pterry cash., "In't there too many zeros?" He asked my dad.


My dad took it back and glanced at it. "Nope." He filled out anohter check, this time to me. I looked at it, it was just signed. "For a phone, and the other big things, he'll need." A blank check from my father was a big deal, no one, and I mean no one got one ever. I nodded at him, and put it in my wallet, he nodded back.


"I suggest you two make a best buy pick-up order." He paused. "If it will take you at least an hour! Right Troy!" He nodded at me.


Wil stood when my dad did, and hugged him. "There, there son." My dad said while hugging Wil. It was a term of endearment.


Wil, must have missed that, and looked at my dad, like he was his own. "Thanks, dad." He smiled.


The utter look of confusion, on my dad's face, was met with my mother's utter concern, not helped by Wil's wincing, when my dad patted his check.


"Come on, sunshine." I smiled at him. "To the man cave." Wil didn't notice the two worried looks from my parents, and Chree fully followed me upstairs.


Troy's dad.


"Reb," I sighed as I picked up, Becky's plate. "Troy can pick them, but I am worried about Wil."


"I know we talked about letting them keep this." Rebecca, my wife sighed. "Not with, how will reacted to that drink."


"He's a kid, don't think he knew what he was up against." I montioned her to put it in the freezer.


"It runs in families." She sighed. "And when he flinched..." She paused, so I'd glance at her, and see her concern. "..Don't all parents that hit their own children, dirnk?" She paused. "If you want them to have the college experience, you know what that means that means." She pinched her fingers to her lips and shucked in.


"Yea, I remember that is how we met." I chuckled. "That concert, was great, and you totally thought I was a cop." I chuckled. "You've already taken care of it? Have you?"


"Remember the time I baked those brownies?" She turned and smirked coyly at me. "They sell them pre-baked."


"That was a great night, that was the first time we...." I gulped, now remembering that night.


"It was." She smirked and tugged me by my tie towards the door.


Thanks if you enjoyed please consider checking out chapter one.








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Full Court. (NOVEL)
Full Court. (NOVEL)

Wil, is a shy quite, college freshman. He enjoys being unnoticed, by most, a welcomed change from high school. Troy is strong, tall, good looking, and the best basketball player in the state. He notices shy quite Wil, and sets out on a quest to show Wil, that Wil is special, and derives to be loved. The two lives interweave, and Wil, will have to trust Troy with his troubled past, and Troy will learn just how nasty, people can be. #slash #Romace #LBTQ #BxB

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