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By fucho80 | fucho80 | 10 Jul 2019



Hello, readers!


I am very happy to share my work with you and bring part of my story in relation to blockchain.


I must confess that my record with reference to the possession of tokens is quite scarce, since I have little experience in cryptocurrencies. However, today I will share with you the tokens that I have and the story of how I got them.


I came to the knowledge and handling of cryptocurrencies through the platform of steemit in 2018, a little over a year ago, which makes the steem the token that I have used the most and of which I have some files since with this exchange token usually and it has become my financial support given the situation in my country.



Then there are weku, whales tokens that I get for relizar publications in these platforms.




I also own this Token called xnax part of what I own is the product of a donation, the rest is opted to maintain activity in steem and twitter.


The rest of the tokens I own have been obtained in different ways, some by donations, others are reward products of some game or some activity in the block chain of steem and other platforms.


This is the hobo token that is the product of donations, the PALcoin that is obtained through your publications in steemit, the DEC is a token that is obtained in the chain of blocks steem playing steemmonster. The others do not know where they came from or who donated them but they are in my wallet.


In the furturo I would like (and I know that it will be like that) to invest in the other cryptocurrencies, I have not had the capacity to invest in BTC or ETH but I think that very soon I will achieve it.


For now I focus on learning the management, invest in my knowledge in everything related to cryptocurrencies.


Thanks friends, this is my story!

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I am a pastor, I live in Venezuela, a lover of reading. writing and passionate about cryptography.


My name is Euclides Villegas, I live in venezuela and I have a spectacular family that are my inspiration. Pastor of the Church for four years, master of scripture. Lover of cryptography, psychology, economics, sports, the Bible and varied subjects.

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