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From the Heart

From the Heart

Sharing my poetry, Haiku and other heartfelt thoughts.


2 Nov 2021 1 minute read 0 comments emily2u

You’re not his match,You’ll only be hurt.Asked to play fetch,Treated like dirt. I know that miscreant,I’m your predecessor.He’s a real truant,Big-time aggressor. Oh, wicked he was,Is and forever will be.Operates in his own laws,I didn’t know, damned...

In God's Time

1 Nov 2021 1 minute read 2 comments emily2u

The day is youngThere's plenty to do,And if they don't turn outI will have to redo.Practice makes perfectI've often been told,Over and over againUntil returns manifold.This road is long and roughMakes my life so stressful,I will persevere, all rightC...

Answer My Question

31 Oct 2021 1 minute read 0 comments emily2u

Waiting is always the hardestIs it gonna be a 'Yes' or 'No'?Can you let me know now?Or do I need to wait 'till tomorrow?12 hours of wonderI can't even sleep;Should I just run aboutAround the house, I sweep?Hope for sleep to claim meBlank out just tha...

It's In The Air

30 Oct 2021 1 minute read 0 comments emily2u

I looked out the windowAs the rain slashed down;Mesmerized by the rhythmPuddles in muddy brown.It's symbolic, this rainWashing the sadness away;The gloom is removedAnd the sky no longer gray.Tomorrow is another dayWhen the sun will shine bright;To cl...

Lift Me Up

29 Oct 2021 1 minute read 2 comments emily2u

My mind is emptyI searched for words,But there is noneIt is totally blank.My head is heavyI need it propped up,The pounding migraineMakes it hard to think.My heart is hurtingStabbed over and over,Bleeding from the insideBlood flowing thru eyes.My fut...

One Last Push

28 Oct 2021 1 minute read 0 comments emily2u

The alarm rings Jolting me awake, It's pitch dark But rise I must. Another day to hustle One more push, With all my might Till my last energy. No matter how tough Weak I can't be, No place for losers Only survivors left. Square my shoulders T...

Just Move Forward

27 Oct 2021 1 minute read 4 comments emily2u

The twists and turnsThat we have to navigate;This path called lifeGreen pastures from the gate.Love it or hate itJust move forward;Take one day at a timeStep by step onward.It may be an arduous taskBut then, "It's easy," said no one;The view may not...

Nothing Goes Right

26 Oct 2021 1 minute read 0 comments emily2u

Nothing seems to go rightIs something wrong with me,Apparently yes, some sayMaybe it's true, to a degree.But neither can you denyThat you're not making it easy,When I can't handle itOverwhelmed and feel queasy.All you did was stand asideWhile I strug...

Separate Paths

25 Oct 2021 1 minute read 4 comments emily2u

The splattering rain outsideCovers the sound of my sobsMy eyes may seem dry to youbut the tears flow in my heartPiercingly painful it isA hurt that no one knows,Or can they seeOr will they care.It was good while it lastedBut the time has come,To brea...

An Exciting Ride

24 Oct 2021 1 minute read 7 comments emily2u

Scream at the top of your voiceLet everyone hear your joy,Whether at the top of a mountainOr the bottom of a valley.The echo spreads far and wideShare the news to all and sundry,This is your greatest momentYour time has finally come.It has been a lon...