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Long, Tiring Wait

By emily2u | From the Heart | 23 Jul 2021

Wiping the sleep from my eyes,
Barely able to stifle a yawn,
I stretch my back fully,
And try to appreciate a glorious dawn.

Have had eight hours in bed,
A long night of unrest.
Could not shut down my mind,
Wondering when it left, the zest.

I ain’t my usual self,
How it happened I know not.
Life isn’t the same now,
All my goals are for naught.
Somehow, shining thru the window,
It can’t reach me, this sunlight.
My future looks extremely bleak
Yet outside is broad daylight.

I cower in my corner,
Like a wounded animal,
Build a wall around me,
My contact with society, minimal.

Should ask for help, I know,
But I’ve no more energy.
Don’t think anyone, but you,
Could rouse me from this lethargy.  

*Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels

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