Small steps towards increasing my portfolio for free

A small win is better than nothing.

Through my searching I found myself looking at CryptoTab miner on my desktop, I though to myself I don't have a powerhouse of a PC but anything can help me on my way and downloaded the browser, and started mining at full capacity (without thinking about the strain of running my CPU at %100)

When it came time to actually use my computer I realized something wasn't right as it was slow and unresponsive and something in my brain clicked "what is CryptoTab actually using to mine BTC so I opened up task manager and my heart skipped a beat at finding out I'd been pushing my CPU to it's limit for 8 hours and quickly turned my PC off for a few hours to cool down. Upon restarting my computer I adjusted the mining power to only be using 70% of my CPU usage.

My results.

After two days of mining I was able to withdraw $0.62 usd to my wallet giving my portfolio a small boost.

In conclusion.

I have turned the mining power right down and just let it slowly mine in the background, I'd also like to note that I'm not using any passwords or personal information in CryptotTab browser just to be safe. Small steps is better than no progress at all, remember it's a marathon not a sprint.



Here is a link to CryptoTab.

If you don't already know about this browser/mining tool here is a link.

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From zero to zeros for free
From zero to zeros for free

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