New York is a Scene from the Walking Dead

New York is a Scene from the Walking Dead

I had a one day business meeting to attend in New York City and during that time there this is what I saw.

New York Times square was completely empty. The only people that were actually walking through the streets, where the homeless.

It remindinded me of the introduction skit of the show The Walking Dead where Rick is walking through a deserted, desolated New York City with not a single soul in sight.

Keep in mind this is one of the most popular tourist the destinations in the world and this is also one of the busiest city spots out of any cities in the world.

It was crazy to experience the serene silence and vast emptiness as I rode my electric scooter down the main street. There were almost no cars on the road and at one point I felt like an Apocalypse had happened.

I'm safe and sound back in California now under a mandatory 14 day quarantine lockdown for all residents of California.

We stand United against the Corona virus And we will fight until the bitter end using all of our resources to make it through this safe and sound while at the same time keeping in mind everybody else's safety and that we could potentially endanger by contracting the virus not getting any symptoms and potentially spreading it.

Stay strong, have faith, be with your loved ones, forget about the money the jobs and everything else. What's important now is to protect your loved ones protect yourself and take care of each other in the time of need.

I wish you all the best of luck and God speed.

I will be here for you in case you need to talk.


 End of Rant

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