Get 5 Years Ahead in 6 Months

As I was taught the value of time and money, my mentors taught me about extreme focus, desire, the want, need, determination, drive it takes to accomplish something in 6 months that will propel  you 5 years forward!

It takes a clear plan dedication every single hour and every single day of every week. There is no tired, sleepy, hungry, weak, sick as there are no excuses. On must envision the bigger picture.

A story goes that a traveler passed by a construction  site. He asked the first worker hd encountered. What are you doing? He replied with, im breaking my back doing this hard work for little money. He asked the second man he encountered the same. The worker replied, im building a wall, im happy i have a job and can feed my family. He continued on and when he encountered the 3rd worker he asked the same and the worker replied. You cant see it yet but Im building  the most magnificent cathedral the world has ever seen. One that will reach the sky. 

Story goes to show us that everything is in the vision, what we can picture ourselves accomplishing and the ultimate outcome there off. 

Starting the 1st Full Week of 2020 lets all strap in to the Roller Coaster ride and grind till the Wheels fall off! Envision your goals, shoot high, push hard, no sleep till Brooklyn! Lets go! 

Lets Get It!!!

Focus. Grind. Motivation. Goals. Team!!!

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Bitron Prime

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