Dreams of Lambos & BTC at 100k
Bitcoin Moon Lambos
Dreams of Lambos & BTC at 100k

Bitcoin SV, Dash, Zcash, Augur and Bitcoin Cash saw some tremendous growth in the last 10 days of the new year including Bitcoin itself rallying all the way to 9.2k.

If you have been in the crypto sphere for a few years you would know the euphoric feeling that overcomes a person when all these currencies you have been holding in a down bear market start shooting up. 

Its important to be able to keep a clear head during this time and realize that profits need to be taken as there is always a sell off during a large climb.

Now, that is not to say that BTC and other currencies wont keep growing but to be safe its always good to lock in some profit.

Worst thing that can happen is you miss selling at the top, high on hopium that it will keep going and then be stuck for a year checking the market trend every 5 minutes....

Only the holders or people that have lots of time on their hands end up pulling full profits from the market which is not an easy thing to do.

So always take an profit when you can and remember, what climbs fast and steep also has a way of coming down even faster as well all saw with BTC in the last 24 hours.

Be careful out there people, play it smart and lets get those Millions!

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