Why Cryptocurrencies Are So Important For Me - The Journey To Get My Life Back

The Importance Of Crypto - a Ticket To Get My Life Back Financially


The Addiction To My Life Away

I have under long time struggled with a bad addiction to drugs since I was 15 years old. Despite that went school very well to 9th (14-15 years old) grade which is Sweden is the last grad before what people in USA call collage which in Sweden is called gymnasium which you go when you are 15(16) to 18(19) years old depending on which month you were born. In high school I graduate with nearly A in every class and it wasn't before the gymnasium my addiction really took off and by then I smoked weed every day and other drugs occasionally. I also worked at a supermarket from age 14-19 on evenings and weekends when I didn't have school to get some extra money to afford moving to my own place get a car and so on.

In the gymnasium my grades where effected by my bad habits but I still graduated with decent grades and started directly after the gymnasium on a University 9 hours with train from home to educate myself in food science and chemistry. In University it didn't go well and i was forced to stop the class after 7 month due to my drug addiction which now had become much worse. 


I have a good family no addiction, nothing ordinary just a good working family and my childhood was great. Time to time I was a bit off and when my parents split when I was around 9 years old I was devastated and it was the first time I said I didn't want to live anymore. I have always had a bad temper and fought a lot during my school time otherwise was everything quite good. 

My life Between 19-25 Years Old.

Here took things off I started to do all kinds of drugs a lot of RS (Research Chemicals) which is big in Sweden the RS drugs we have are very similar to Ecstasy, Cocaine and Amphetamine and from around 19-20 years old I started with Heroine, Benzodiazepines, Amphetamines, Cannabis which was the combo of four I took every single day I still worked all the time but after work I started to sell drugs to first in a small kind of scale that went bigger and bigger and I even had two internet shops there I sold drugs and there my customers could pay with crypto and get their drugs anonymously.

I also meet the girl of my life during this time after I had went to my first rehab and eventually we lived together. She hated when I took drugs and I was clean for the first 8 month we was together then I started again and so did she. She had done a lot of drugs prior to meeting me but not nearly in that manner I took drugs. Of course did not this relationship work and when I was 24  it ended it had just happen so much during this time and we both did things to each other I regret everyday and I still think on this every single day. She is still the love of my life but I was the most contributing factor  it didn't work and I hate myself for that I hate that I ruined that and I can't stop thinking of her, I just hope she is fine today and meet a guy that really loves and understands her. 

During this age of 19-24 or we could say 25 I have been homeless twice first when I was 21 from that I built myself up again and found a job and got my own place eventually. I was a IV (intravenouses) drug user to I started that habit when I was 20 and during this time I had over 18 overdoses  and was in ventilator the last time for 2,5 days due to I had so much drugs in my body and the only options the doctors had was to putting me into a ventilator. The second time I was homeless I was 25 and this time I was homeless for 6 months sleeping in stairwells, bunches and so on and I didn't even had a phone nor got any money during this time I didn't own anything anymore.  

It's a wonder I'm still alive if I was to tell you everything that's happened during this time this article would be 300 pages long and I just try to do a summery of it.  When I was homeless I didn't had any contact with my family nor did I have any friends left and the only one to blame for that was me. 

It was hard time and it's hard to describe everything in words, to be homeless and be hunted by others shooting after you it's just one traumatic event for a ordinary human  and that was my daily life at a point. 


My Life Today

I'm drugfree today at the time of writing and have been for almost 9 months now and I have the most fantastic relationship with my family again which is just so awesome! I could not beg for more at this point. I going back to school just in a few weeks to educate myself to a welder which will be awesome not just the education by itself but to meet other people again, I still have no friends which time to time feels kinda depressing I think every human needs to interact with people and to feel needed in just some context. But I'm just so happy that I'm drugfree although I'm very down 80% of the time and feel lots of sadness over everything, I'm very emotion these days. 

Crypto a Chance To Get Back Financially

I love crypto not just of the financial aspect, I just love everything about it and want to learn as much as possible and next to everyday of my life now is dedicated to crypto because I want to.  I also do it for the financial aspect to of course because I have a debt now that's not so exiting and this is a chance of lowering that debt and come back financially to life and not live on 400 dollars a month. Therefor Is it very appreciated when people here use my referral links and it's why I write about many projects having some kind of free crypto to get and you have a chance to get even more thru the referral link.

I try to write about serious projects that really can be something so you that read my articles and use my referral codes gets something out of it to. I always try to do a well-written article about the project to and not just throw in my referral link and it's done after that, you have to deserve that someone uses you referral link at least that's my thought about it. I hope you that reads my articles finds them good and informative  because my goal is to reach out and explain the project I write about so the reader can understand the project in a simple way when they read my article about it and if someone has any input or feedback I would love if you wrote that in the comment section so I always can improve my articles and writing. Do not hesitate to comment any input or feedback!

Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy my articles!



Thank you for reading and all support! 





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From heavy addiction to crypto nerd.
From heavy addiction to crypto nerd.

This is a blog based on my past life and the rebuilding of my life as a proud drugfree me and how crypos "easy said" kind of saved my life.

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