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Autoshark- yield optimizer on BSC. The new but only on BSC? ALL READY LOCKED 22,263,206 DOLLARS!! Link inside to get 5% more shark.


Autoshark is a yield optimizer whit staking and farming on BSC. Autoshark and panther swap work together this, by that you can earn panthern on Autoshark and also stake panther on Autoshark for high APY. The incredible whit aoutshark is that you can stake shark to earn WBNB whit yearly APY around 700% that more than 1% a day!

Autoshark har a lot of yield farming and staking pools and this article will focus on that. For example you can stake panther on Autoshark to both earn shark and panther. A pool there you stake one token to earn two is relative new to me and isn't found everywhere so to speak. The other staking pools they have is shark to earn WBNB as mention above.  This is the two staking pools they have at the moment, more will probably come.

The yield farming pools they have is quiet a few and more to come also. For now they have USDT-BUSB pool to earn SHARK but the good thing is that Autotshark works as and you also get apr on the USDT-BUSB so you get rewarded in USDT-BUSB lp:s as well, amazing! they also have a PANTHERN-BNB pool, PANTHERN-BUSB pool, SHARK-BNB pool and SHARK-BUSB pool. All these pool are earning in LP:S and also get rewarded in shark. The pools also auto compounding! so you don't have to waste BNB compounding all the time. Look at the image below and you see insane high APY:S!. The only pool there you have to compound manually is the shark pool there you earn WBNB.

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They also have incoming pools consisting of BNB-BUSB pool and a USDC-BUSB pool. As you see they have a lot of pools and you get earned in pools with both SHARK and the LP you provided. I'm really excited about this project! They have already locked 22,263,206 dollars! and this is only in around 2 weeks time! HOW ABPOUT THAT! that incredible, amazing and all kinds of positive words.


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Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the content!

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From heavy addiction to crypto nerd.
From heavy addiction to crypto nerd.

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