Treatment and Lessons Learned

Treatment and Lessons Learned

This is part of my 2020 life story if you are just joining in I would recommend starting at the beginning here's the link.

I arrived at detox in Florida on January 23, 2020.  They almost refused me and wanted to send me to the E.R. because I had a blood alcohol level of 0.34, yeah over 4 times the legal limit.  I was walking, talking, cracking jokes (something I do when I'm nervous), and insisting I am fine, I'm from Wisconsin.  Well they kept me and thank I thank God for that.  I don't really want to talk to much about the treatment process because it is different for everyone but I can say it was the best solution for my problem.  I need a professional medical facility to detox because the odds of seizure and/or death were not in my favor.  I did 7 days in detox then I was moved to a permanent residence with on site groups and nurse facilities.  I was nervous I would celebrate my birthday in detox,  I did not.  I had made my move just a few days before I turned 36 and turned older than my big brother.  R.I.P. Matt.   

Think of this new place I call home as an apartment building with about 20 addicts who attended class all day and were not allowed to leave the property.  It was a welcomed relief to get my phone back because they were not allowed in the detox center.  I was able to order smokes, purchase some underwear from amazon, and buy groceries on our weekly scheduled trip to the local store so at this point my tiny bit of money started to dwindle.  I was so glad to have that couple of hundred dollars I had saved up thanks to the Acorns app.  I know it wasn't much at all but when you literally have nothing but a small duffle bag of cloths that was an amazing thing.  I ended staying at this residence for 11 days total.  It was on my 9th day I was approached by the staff and told I had to be discharged for insurance reasons.  The pen pushers deemed this to high level of care for my needs.  My meds were not balanced, my hands, arms, and legs were still trembling from delirium tremors, and I am only getting 5 hours of sleep a night with heavy (non-narcotic) sleeping meds.  They made me buy a plane ticket.  There goes all my money at this point.  Zero dollars, incapable of returning to my job and barely sober, a sweaty, shaking mess.  On the day I was scheduled to fly out I found another treatment center an hour away, that was willing to pick me up and said they could work with my insurance.  I literally had nothing to lose and wasn't ready to return home so I arrange the pick up and off I go. 

February 10th-The most amazing dude picked me up to transfer me the the next treatment center.  He took my phone when he picked me up and I went back to a world with no easy outside connections.  We had a great talk on the way to his residence.   Again this program was much like the first one just a different place and no phones allowed(except a land line in our rec room).  Little did I know that I was going for, or had maybe agreed to 30 days here.  I'm not exactly sure I thought I just wanted 30 days total.  I still am not very clear thinking at this point in recovery, I kept a notebook that I carried everywhere and kept notes of everything, I mean everything.  Doctors I meet and what we talked about, Staff that I meet with there names and what we talked about, names of people in my own house, every group I had through out the day and what time the groups started, what time every meeting I had with my therapist, caseworker, nurse, anyone and everything because my memory was so short and confused.  Looking back at these notebook some of the thoughts read like drunken ramblings written by shaky hands almost unreadable at some points and sometimes quite fluid.  These changes happened in waves through out the day and even throughout a single page of writing.  It seems like such a distant memory when I was looking at the notes today.  This was less than a year ago.  As I approached the end of my 30 days here I actually agreed to step down in care to a different set of apartments where we were allowed half a day of groups and class and the freedom to do what we wanted with our free time.  No extra supervision, I could go to the beach unattended.  I know that sounds so funny but it was a huge difference from the 24 hour surveillance I have been under for the last 57 days.  7 in detox, 11 at the first place, 30 more at the second. 

Now all this time I keep see little news articles each night and morning growing more frequent about a new virus first found in China.  Yeah buddy, here comes the corona virus.  I didn't think much about it in the middle of February 2020 but as March started it certainly was getting to be a nightly story.  I'm from a small city in Wisconsin now living in Palm Beach County Florida.  After seeing a few nightly stories that PBI airport had several confirmed flights full of infection landing in early March I am now getting nervous about this,  I also keep seeing this billboard sign while driving in our treatment vans affectionately known as "the druggy buggy", Palm Beach ER avg. wait time (8-18) minutes glowing in l.e.d. numbers depending on the day.  I know every time I've been to my local E.R. I show up I get a bed and a doctor, what the hell is an E.R. wait time, why do they need a sign on the freeway sharing the wait time. So many questions.

One evening after leaving the center the news is going wild,  they cancelled the NBA finals,  cancelled MLB baseball.  I of course am now real worried are they going to cancel domestic flights?!! I pack my bags and returned home in 48 hours.    58 days sober and I wanted 30 I was more than happy with my progress so far.  I had thought I had found recovery.

Thanks to anyone who read this.  In the next part we will begin my real investment journey.  At this point I have realized the true value in a savings account and have just kicked a 800$ a month addiction, I'm walking on sunshine.  I'm ready to get back to to work and I want to start saving money.

Thanks again and any tips are appreciated.  Hit that follow writer button to learn along with me in the next chapter of my life, investing in myself.


Investment services I use and that are worth checking out.  More will be added as my story progresses.
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From Addict to Investor; a beginners tale.
From Addict to Investor; a beginners tale.

This is the true story of Me. A 36 year old addict in active recovery and how I started my journey from down and out in January 2020 to a novice investor and crypto collector. Follow along and hear about the highs and lows of entering treatment for addiction, opening portfolios, saving for a real future, one pulling themselves up by their bootstraps with a little help along the way. Follow along in my long twisting journey of investing in myself.

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