Every Story has a Beginning, Meet the Main Character

Every Story has a Beginning, Meet the Main Character

      Hello, my name is Brian and I'm a great-full recovering addict.  I'm starting this Blog to share with the wonderful Publish0x community my story.  This story is going to be broken down in to several parts and will hopefully catch up to real time quickly.  Like any good story expect drama, heros, villans, and lots of conflict.  This is my tale of entering 2020 fully addicted to drugs and alcohol spiritually and financially bankrupt.  I was basically a walking dead man and now ending the year with a "decent" stretch of sobriety under my belt and a newfound way of life.  I have found a new high through investing in myself spiritually and financially instead of taking out every I.O.U. on my soul possible and living paycheck to paycheck.  I have never written a blog before and would love to hear in the comments any constructive criticism.  Please hit the follow button so you don't miss any part of this real story called my life and I hope you all enjoy.  Remember to love those around you because we are only given today, make the best of it.

Well let's meet the main character.

      I'm Brian and I'm an Addict.  My story begins years ago as a happy child in a sober lower middle class home so how did I get here?  Two loving parents that ordered milk at the local tavern when we would go out for burgers on a Friday evening.  It was both my parents second marriage but Dave was my my Dad. I was 5 when they married and he legally adopted me because my biological father was a deadbeat alcoholic.  I didn't know this at the time because I was five.  10 years later that marriage ended.   When I was young teen I was so full of anger and smarter then the world.  Hell I knew more when I was 15 than I do today.  I was very quickly introduced to marijuana and alcohol through the circle of friends I had in early high school.  I continued to smoke weed through out the week and attend school while trying to get to every keg party I could on the weekends.  Needless to say this upset my now single mother a lot and I grew tired of hearing "my house my rules".  I got my own place with these same friends as soon as I could.  I had not even graduated high school yet and I was moving out.  Now I didn't have a whole lot growing up and quickly learned that if I wanted something I would have to work for it.  I developed an incredible work habit because that gave me the funds to have fun. That following school year I attended a State University and failed out in my first semester.  Nothing was going to get in the way of my party, it started when I woke up and ended when I passed out.  Most people go to bed with an intention of sleep, not me I ran wild until the brain or body gave way and crashed.  This same behavior continued and progressed from the age of 16 to 35.  Slowly like an inch worm crawling up the largest oak in an open field.  I was going where I wanted with out thought of the future or the consequences.  

      This year my daily habit of self sabotage and Y.O.L.O. life style came front and forward as I approached my 36th birthday.  I was going to be older than my older brother.  How you ask?  He had passed away 3 years earlier from organ failure most likely related to a similar abusive lifestyle.  So what's a good addict to do about such a depressing thought.  Double down of course.  I had progressed to the worst extreme in my life.  I would now consume about a liter of cheap whiskey, 18 beers,  a couple joints, and any cocaine around me all in a single day.  Mind you I'm getting this all done while going to a 40 hour a week job.  With that amount of consumption the work and one man party are bound to overlap.  I went outside one night during my solo third shift job to smoke a cigarette and couldn't bring my self to go back in.  I knew I was living in a house of cards.  I could see the walls shaking the ceiling buckling and I wanted out more than ever before the whole damn thing caved in with me still inside.  I very carefully drove home and Googled "alcohol treatment".   Within 18 hours I was going to be boarding a flight across the country to check in to a long term treatment program.  At this current time I had a couple hundred in my checking account from paycheck I had just received. 150$ in a Acorns account, my only investment at the time.  I still had my rented room, my job, my paid off car, and no legal issues.  As far as rock bottoms go I now know they get much, much lower but at the time that was mine and I wanted out.  So began my first real attempt at recovery January 23rd. 

     I'm going to stop right here so this doesn't go on too long.  In the next blog we will get into the beginnings of recovery and the investment in myself.  The journey I went through in finding myself, opening my first real investment account, my first few months of buying stocks and then diving down the crypto rabbit hole.  I have taken the very misguide energy I had and am now chasing a new high in myself.  I am going to share my thoughts, feelings, and ups, and downs through learning all this new stuff.  Spoiler alert here is a peak at my Robinhood portfolio today.  I know that balance isn't the highest but I am so happy with my results so far.

7ec3f433ad4bb48f2c8c5e6200ed1f2fcd4b7bd94fbfb52b2b547bb26486331c.jpegI hope for you to follow my blog, tips are greatly appreciated.  More to come shortly, Thanks Publish0x for this opportunity.

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From Addict to Investor; a beginners tale.
From Addict to Investor; a beginners tale.

This is the true story of Me. A 36 year old addict in active recovery and how I started my journey from down and out in January 2020 to a novice investor and crypto collector. Follow along and hear about the highs and lows of entering treatment for addiction, opening portfolios, saving for a real future, one pulling themselves up by their bootstraps with a little help along the way. Follow along in my long twisting journey of investing in myself.

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