Crypto : 2 ICO that you should not miss

By From0To10K | From 0 to 10K - English | 20 Mar 2023

In the world of cryptocurrencies, ICOs are a way to raise funds to finance projects. In return for this funding, you will receive tokens, also known as tokens, allowing you to take part in the project and expect a financial return.

Currently 2 ICOs are underway and we will take look at what they are.

1) Mintera: ReFi investment products

The Mintera project aims to create a financial ecosystem based on blockchain and Web3 to have a positive environmental impact and develop a more sustainable and fair financial system.


The different components of this ecosystem include the Mintera token, which allows access to different services, Web3 financial products via DeFi, financial services similar to traditional banks with investment advice and a green debit card.

Users can also enjoy exclusive benefits via private community channels, investment opportunities, airdrops and more.

On the regenerative finance (ReFi) side, the Mintera project is also committed to designing products with little or no environmental impact using Web3 protocols. In addition, they will donate 50% of their profits to recognised environmental partners, such as Time For The Planet.

With these various initiatives, Mintera hopes to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and equitable financial system while encouraging individuals to take action for the climate by managing and growing their savings.

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As far as the ICO is concerned, it will end on 01 May and will allow you to take part in the first investment product, the GMY.


On the official website, you can currently buy 1 MNTE token for 0.00012 ETH. At the end of the ICO, ERC-20 tokens will be distributed to users who participated in the sale.

Participate in the Mintera ICO

For more information about the project, please visit the official Mintera website.

2) Lyzi: The crypto payment solution

Lyzi has the ambition to build the largest network of crypto-currency acceptance in businesses in Europe and the world.


To achieve this, they offer various tools and services to simplify the use of crypto-assets and decentralised finance services, with a value proposition that aims to make the products accessible, fun and interactive.

Indeed, it is clear that the solutions today are not as simple and accessible as one might think. The project team's ambition is therefore to facilitate harmony between individuals and professionals by providing services adapted to the needs of the general public.

Following the first phase of the Lyzi token sale, which ended on 28 February, the second phase of its ICO is underway and allows users to take part in the project.

Access to the sale of LYZI tokens

For this second stage, you can buy LYZI tokens with a price of $0.12. Please note that the minimum amount to participate is $200 and that the sale will end on March 31st. At the end, LYZI tokens will be distributed to all investors who participated in the ICO according to the amount

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From 0 to 10K - English
From 0 to 10K - English

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