Week 10 : from 0 to 1 BTC - Earnings recap


As you know I have started 10 weeks ago the challenge to reach 1 Bitcoin starting from 0 in one year

I started by working on free bitcoins offers and Faucets and has soon as I had accumulated enough money I started to invest it. 

I am still far from my goal after 11 weeks but I am very happy with my results so far and I am confident I can succeed : 


- I have reached close to  15 % of my target in 10 weeks and I still have 42 weeks ;

- Weekly revenues are growing week on week thanks to the compounding effect of my investments ;

- If I keep the level of revenues at the current pace (0,036 BTC this week, details below), I will earn in 42 weeks 1,5 BTC, so the pace is the good one ! 


News :

- the L7.trade platform is still the major part of my revenues today and the best opportunity I found online by far, generating 4% daily income for me for more then 2 months now !

As of week 9, my capital is  0,086 BTC on the platform that generates a daily passive income revenue of 0,0034 BTC today !

- Since week 8, I am diversifying my investments : 

I withdraw my weekly profits from L7.trade (around 0.02 BTC) and invest it on other platform. I tested various options (here) and I think I've finally found the good one  : the arbinance platform. 

Arbinance is a new arbitrage trading platform like L7trade  that was launched 10 days ago.

So far after 10 days I am doing 4 trades a day for an average profit of 0.7 % : 2.8% daily (not so bad!), and I am earning more then 0.001 BTC daily.

If you want to try it please use my referral link : https://arbinance.com?ref=1613

More on it here : https://www.publish0x.com/from-0-to-1-bitcoin-challenge/0-1-btc-i-think-i-have-finally-found-it-xxzezj



-  passive income represent 99% of my income. 


My passive income strategy is working on very well ! More on that :

- here : https://www.publish0x.com/from-0-to-1-bitcoin-challenge/compound-interests-and-why-i-am-starting-using-timer-xyykpn

- and here : https://www.publish0x.com/from-0-to-1-bitcoin-challenge/my-strategy-build-large-referral-base-free-13-xknryx


And now let's talk about the earnings



- 0,15 BTC reached, meaning 15 % of my challenge to reach 1 BTC in one year.

- Best week so far again : 0,036 BTC earned ! As you can see below my weekly revenues are increasing week after week thanks to the compounding effect






Let's look at the details : 



- Faucets :0,0001243 BTC

Most of my faucet revenues now come from my referrals. I used them a lot a the beginning of my journey but now it's not profitable enough. I you are starting from scratch I as I was 11 weeks ago I definitively recommand this road. You'll find a list of usefull links at the bottom of this post, or here.


- Clicksgenie :0,000016 BTC

Small earnings but I a building my referral base. If you want to try it's here : https://clicksgenie.com/register.aspx?u=19777

More on it here : https://www.publish0x.com/from-0-to-1-bitcoin-challenge/adding-clicks-genie-strategy-and-getting-paid-receive-emails-xmmgjq


- L7.trade : 0,002 BTC


Most of my revenues are coming from it now has you cans see below, and they are growing steadily week after week thanks to the magical effect of compounding effect. I mean when you achieve 4% per day, it grows quickly !


- L7.trade arbitrage platform :

Revenues from L7 trades per week.



- I am trading BTC directy and realised an average of 4,14 % per day last week  for a total profit of 0,02 BTC !

- As of week 10, my capital is  0,086 BTC on the plateform that generates a daily passive income revenue of 0,0034 BTC today !

I mean that's a monthly passive income stream of about 0,103 BTC ($1000). It's AWESOME and enough to reach my goal to earn 1 BTC in 1 week.

As written above, I am starting to withdraw all my weekly profits to start to diversify . 

- I have a new strategy mixing manual trades and automatic trades. More here : 


I am now able to realise  5 trades daily (vs 3 to 4 before).

This means more COMPOUND INTEREST (you know my passion for them!). And if you don't you can read the post I did about my love of compound interest : https://www.publish0x.com/from-0-to-1-bitcoin-challenge/compound-interests-and-why-i-am-starting-using-timer-xyykpn)


What is L7 trade?

It's an arbitrage platform. As you the prices of crypto assets might be different from on exchange to another. With this plateform you can buy low on one exchange and immediatly sell higher on another plateform (it's more complex than that but basically it is that). It's a risk free arbitrage.

If you want to give a try please use my referal link : https://l7trade.company/?r=201174635.

For more information, I did a tutorial of the plateform here. I also did a video here : https://youtu.be/C2dFI4nr_F0

If you want to understand why I am using a timer an why I like Compound interest : it's here : https://www.publish0x.com/from-0-to-1-bitcoin-challenge/compound-interests-and-why-i-am-starting-using-timer-xyykpn


- Affiliate: 0,011 BTC

28 affiliates so far (+2 vs last week) ! Thank you to all of you. I hope you are making good and frequent profits on the platform !

These are the revenues from my referrals on the L7.TRADE platform.

If you use my link to subscribe to this platform, I will earn crypto if you use it ! (a small share of the margin of the plateform, it doesn't impact your gains).

So don't hesitate to subscribe via my link https://l7trade.company/?r=201174635 to this RISK FREE ARBITRAGE plateform that is for me one of the best opportunity in the cryptosphere today 

And if you want to learn how to use it, here is a tutorial : 



- Cryptoback Wirex Visa card  : 0,0001658 BTC

I am vety happy with my free visa card from wirex that gives me 0,5% cashback in BTC on all my real life spending.

Last week was a normal spending week 

More details on WIREX here : https://www.publish0x.com/from-0-to-1-bitcoin-challenge/day-11-0-1-bitcoin-adding-wirex-my-strategy-xmmpvn


Thank you all again for the support!

Have a wonderfull day.



You want to help me achieve my challenge?

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Thank you very much in advance !

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Crypto enthusiast. I challenged myself to accumulate 1 bitcoin starting from 0 in 1 year. I'll share with you this journey

From 0 to 1 Bitcoin challenge
From 0 to 1 Bitcoin challenge

Crypto enthusiast. I challenged myself to accumulate 1 bitcoin starting from 0 in 1 year. I'll share with you this journey.

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