DAY 28 : from 0 to 1 BTC - Earnings recap

DAY 28 : from 0 to 1 BTC - Earnings recap


Here is DAY 28 earnings recap : 


Key points : 

- As announced this is going to be my last daily recap post. I have done it for 28 days (4 weeks). Now I am switching to weekly recaps. Why ?

First because now my strategy is quite clear, so I don't have a lot of new things to write on daily basis :as soon I earn money, from Faucets or affiliate revenues, I put it at work on the Platform. This is going to be the strategy from now on : put all my profit at work on this platform to MAXIMISE compound interest effect. In the end of the journey most of my profit should come from there. I have reached a capital of 0,012 BTC on the plateform that generates a daily passive income revenue of 0,0004 BTC today ! I mean that's a monthly passive income stream of about 0,013 BTC ($120). It's AWESOME !

Secondly because it's a lot of work! And as I am i holidays with my family i want to spend more time with them!

- 0,01426 BTC reached.

- I still need 7 more referrals for my GIVEWAY /test that I proposed you. I have increased the Giveway to 0,0035 BTC. More here :

- Still 2 days before $txt Halving. I am staking like crazy. + 1BTC is soon going to be distributed to the $txt holders (in 2 days at the current pace).

- The platform team, due to the success of the program ihas indeed as announced the minimum level to trade in XLM (they need to keep a limited number of users to keep arbitrage profitable). 

- My next goal is to reach 0,1 BTC target (10%) before day 85.








Here are the details :


- Active Wallet :0,000266 BTC



These are the bitcoin i am earning "working" : claiming faucets, visiting sites and blogging.

Yesterday revenues : +0,0000190 BTC. Weak day. It's hard to stay motivated with passive income representing so much of my income now. I am thinkig about stopping the Faucets.


Here are the detailed results : 


I have been very active mainly on the following faucets : 

Claim free coins




More details here :

MoonCash - Bitcoin Cash

MoonDash - Dash

MoonLite - Litecoin

MoonBit - Bitcoin

MoonDoge - Dogecoin

More details here :

And on 2  Pay to click sites :

More details on the 2 sites I am using here :

Get paid to read emails:

- Passive Wallet: 0,012 BTC


- arbitrage platform :


- I executed 4 risk free arbitrages LTC yesterday on the L7 trade  platform for an average profit of 0,88 % per trade. Profit : 0,0004178 BTC.

- I Have a new strategy mixing manual trades and automatic trades. More here :

I am now able to realise 4 to 5 trades daily (vs 3 to 4 before).

This means more COMPOUND INTEREST (you know my passion for them!). And if you don't you can read the post I did about my love of compound interest :

So far, I am well in ligne with my target of +3 % per day .


What is L7 trade?

It's an arbitrage platform. As you the prices of crypto assets might be different from on exchange to another. With this plateform you can buy low on one exchange and immediatly sell higher on another plateform (it's more complex than that but basically it is that). It's a risk free arbitrage.

If you want to give a try please use my referal link : .

For more information, I did a tutorial of the plateform here. I also did a video here :

If you want to understand why I am using a timer an why I like Compound interest : it's here :


- Affiliate: 0,000911 BTC



15 affiliates so far (+1 vs yesderday) ! Thank you to all of you. I hope you are making good and frequent profits on the platform !

Yesterday profit : 0,000911 BTC. 

I transfered 0,000944 BTC in the wallet.

These are the revenues from my referrals on the L7.TRADE platform.

If you use my link to subscribe to this platform, I will earn crypto if you use it ! (a small share of the margin of the plateform, it doesn't impact your gains).

So don't hesitate to subscribe via my link to this RISK FREE ARBITRAGE plateform that is for me one of the best opportunity in the cryptosphere today 

And if you want to learn how to use it, here is a tutorial :


- Cryptoback Wirex Visa card  : 0,0008226 BTC

0 spending yestderday, so 0 cashback !

More details on WIREX here :


Thank you all again for the support!

Have a wonderfull day.



You want to help me achieve my challenge?

Here is what you can do :

  • Follow and support me :



  • Try these faucets to get free Bitcoin or Altcoins:


Bitcoins :

Claim free coins:

Onebitco : Claim 7-14 satoshi every 5 minutes

Starbits : 5 satoshis every 5 minutes

Claimbits : 6 satoshis every 5 minutes

MoonBit - Bitcoin


Altcoins :

More details here :

And here :

MoonCash - Bitcoin Cash

MoonDash - Dash :

MoonLite - Litecoin

MoonDoge - Dogecoin

claim free ETH

- claim free LTC

- claim free DOGE

TopCoins : BAT and BNB Faucets :

Fire faucets : 15 altcoins


Thank you very much in advance !


Crypto enthusiast. I challenged myself to accumulate 1 bitcoin starting from 0 in 1 year. I'll share with you this journey

From 0 to 1 Bitcoin challenge
From 0 to 1 Bitcoin challenge

Crypto enthusiast. I challenged myself to accumulate 1 bitcoin starting from 0 in 1 year. I'll share with you this journey.

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