Certik Completes BiSwap Smart Contract Audit

I have posted a couple of articles on BiSwap, and there was a major development today so another quick update!

BiSwap is a relatively new DeFi operator, with a few unique features.

They passed a Certik Audit Report of their smart contracts with no major issues, there are a few minor issues that the devs are now at work sorting out but it seems the contract side of things is legit.

A few weeks ago I exchanged a small amount of BNB for BSW to then stake in their Launchpool, there seems to be little risk to using the Launchpool as you are not pairing, therefore impermanent loss is not a factor, only the actual value of the BSW token, if you were buying BSW you'd be risking change of value of the token and as a new token and project its unproven in terms of how it would ride out a bear market or whether any future events may crash the value.

The BSW value crashed hard after I exchanged, I was getting 5500% APR on the Launchpool originally although obviously this is dropping with time, so after a couple of weeks I have more than doubled my BSW, and although the price crashed hard, it has recovered reasonably well, so it is now at around 2/3 of what I 'paid' in BNB, so overall if I exchanged by current BSW back to BNB I'd now be up overall.  However, the Launchpool is still at over 900% APR and value of BSW is still recovering so I'm prepared to ride this out longer to see where it ends up.

Obviously the liquidity pools come with their own risks and I'd advise against investing money without doing your own further research into the project.

It's easiest to connect using a Metamask wallet - if you don't have one already, they are easy to set up.  You'll need to add Binance Smart Chain onto the available networks and ensure it is connected to this network before you then connect to BiSwap.  You can do this from the menu, settings, advanced, custom RPC then using the following details:

Make sure you leave some BNB in your wallet for gas fees

After you've done this you can add BSW as a custom BEP-20 token using the contract address: 0x965f527d9159dce6288a2219db51fc6eef120dd1

Other good points to note about BiSwap:

- Low 0.1% exchange fees

- BNB gas fees on exchanges refunded in BSW (limited time offer)

- Certik now complete - Certik Audit Report 


If you choose to look into BiSwap further I'd really appreciate using my referral link: BiSwap Referral Link


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