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By JohnnyFriday | Friday AI | 6 Apr 2022

Dear Web3 community,


Friday AI is a forward-thinking AI writing assistant that is developing a Web3 platform. As a new development direction for AI assistants, we want to create a system that is most useful to Web3 users which will include the minting and ownership of templates while being governed by a Friday token that rewards users for using the platform. 


  1. Friday will create a token called “ink” that will run on the Ethereum chain and will have the main functionality of buying credit to use Friday AI.
  2. Templates created by Friday AI will be available for sale as an NFT. Any user that buys a Friday AI template NFT will not only get a unique image designed by the Friday team related to the purchased template, but will also receive Friday tokens every time that template is used by other users. In effect, investing early in a commonly used template  will show rewards over time as users use the template. In addition, users will be able to upvote templates to list them higher in the template offering making the most popular templates more visible and therefore, more valuable.
  3. User can create their own templates to go onto the Friday server and be uploaded and purchased similar to the templates created by the Friday team. If a user sells a template they have made, they directly collect the tokens from the purchaser. User-made templates can also be ranked and resold just like the Friday team's templates 

Before we launch the Web3 version of Friday AI, we are looking to get feedback from current Web3 users on the best practices and the most useful aspects of a Web3 system. It is important to us that this transformation best serves the needs of this community. We look forward to hearing from you. 

- Friday AI Dev Team

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Friday AI
Friday AI

For millions of content creators around the world, creating content is a daily task that requires tools to perfect. The early days had spell check and more recently tools like Grammarly have come along to help correct and optimize written language. Friday AI is a writing tool that can create content for you giving you nearly limitless possibilities of what can be created.

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