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Honey Gain is a passive income app you can earn cash or crypto.

By Freshmoney | Freshmoney | 13 Nov 2022


Honey gain will earn you passive income just for downloading the app and letting it run in the background on your phone.

It is a non intrusive earning app that will not disturb you.

Earn JMPT (JUMP TOKEN) or cash that you can send to Paypal.

If you earn in JMPT you can earn in multiple ways by connecting a wallet. I recommend using Metamask.

You can earn doing surveys , doing offers, downloading apps, or just letting your phone sit idly doing nothing.

I have been using honey gain for a few years now and it always pays and is a dependable source of income you can use to pay off small bills like your phone bill. If you refer people you can earn more and earn a percentage of what they earn every month.

JMPT also has a staking option starting at 10 JMPT tokens and you will receive an interest rate of 17.8% APR. 

Also JUMP task or JUMP token offers a play to earn experience as well if you like to play games you might as well get paid for playing them. Earn 500 credits when you refer other people to this awesome passive income opportunity.

If you have any questions at all feel free to message me on my personal profile on face book.

Look me up Luca Greco. or feel free to comment.

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