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By 10 | Frequency of Free | 2 Jan 2022

Welcome to 2022. It will be eventful. Duh.


My focus for the past few (8-10) years was answering, "Who/what I am?", "Who/what is and created God?", "What is true freedom?” What resulted were opportunities and experiences for these questions to be explored and answered multidimensionally.

Much of that time was used in internal exploration. The spaces and experiences that manifested, as a result, were crucial for me to go deeper. Now I am ready for inspired outward creation/expression. (Yes, I was always creating the external this before but with less intention and awareness.)

My current question is, "What can be created when we are free internally and externally?" A layered question that has been answered in dreams/visions (this will be referred to as "drisions" for now). In holding the space of what I know to be possible, I am creating from inspired action. Without expectation, allowing life to unfold and what I create to do the same.

What is the #Create2022 and #365CreateChallenge?

For me, 2022 will be 365 days of new creation. Any inspired action(s) to create my drision will be done. And shared. Without question (or many).  


Creating and sharing will hold me accountable and create space for my drision to expand into the world. And to attract new creators, experiences, and spaces for expansion opportunities.


My guidelines:

- To consciously (the etymology meaning before 1837) create more than I consume.

- Create from my own derisions and influence. Create my way, without regurgitation, outside influence, or external motivations such as fear, validation, or money.

- To react, respond, and create based on the results of what I create with more aligned action.

My Prerequisites:

"Know thyself."

Before now, I could not create from this space because I did not believe I was in this space. Most of my external motivations were fear-based. This is my journey. It looks different for everyone and what we know is best for ourSelf at any given moment also looks different. Any guidelines or instructions were created by someone else who does not know and is not me. Some say to create and learn on the go. Some say to go to a cave and find yourSelf first. Some say you don't need to create. I say do whateverthefuck works best for you. But even in that, YOU may feel someone else knows better than you will do what they say. We are all just fucking up in to the right direction. It's all perfect.

In The Moment Self Check

Checking where each action is coming from. Checking my thoughts and emotions. Checking motives. Checking my space and those in it. Eating and shitting.

Open Creatorship

I wrote this down in my notes when I woke up this morning and do not recall wtf I meant by it so if I will update this when it's clear. It sure has a dope ring to it though.     

Why Share?


- Remind mySelf and the collective that we are creators. We are all making shit up and creating every moment. Even if you're not aware of it. I want to observe how the drision I hold will emerge in the physical.

- Remember what true freedom is and what my version of it can look like. Inviting others to share theirs.

- Explore deeper levels of how inspired action presents itself and what it unlocks. Especially when existing along with the Old Mind (energies like governments that created the old world) as it attempts to fear everyone into submission or death as it creates new along with the rest of us.

- Move with fewer excuses into deeper levels of Self-trust.

- Co-create not pander. I was far more preachy before. I am not seeking to force-feed but to Be and let that open the next now. Minding my own fucking business.

- Explore new ways of inspired exchanges. Money, crypto, products, and services are a few current ways to exchange. I acknowledge and accept them while being open to exploring new ways of exchange in alignment with freedom and expansion. What new ways of exchange can be created from freedom?

- Open for the new. Many new versions of old shit (systems, products, ideas...) pop up daily. I want to create outside of the Old Mind and explore the untapped limitless possibilities that this universe holds.


Perfection is not required because everything I fucking do is perfect...for expansion.


Learning is always all ways.


Every day will look different.


Shrug often.


Forgiveness required.







If you find this, feel free to create your version and share it. Or not.

Thank you, me.

Thank you.

For Being.




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