Win gain in 3 month's with Ethereum mining ?!

Win gain in 3 month's with Ethereum mining ?!

By Mendo67 | L'Ethereum | 10 Feb 2021


Unlike Ethereum, Ethereum can be mined with simple graphics cards, so as the price is very high, some people are more reluctant to buy laptops in volume, and use them directly on their farm.

There is then creation entirely made up of laptops. The most popular models seem to be those that include a GeForce RTX 3060 card in order to have better cooling.

The following figures are based on a popular computer with an RTX 3090 which sells for 6499 Yuan (approximately 835 euros). For a farm with around twenty devices, on an investment of 16,700 euros. Or, a mining test, retaliation by the site, gives the following results:

0.000265045 ETH per hour

0.00636108 ETH per day

0.1908324 ETH per 30 day period

2.3217942 ETH per 365 day period

With 20 machines, this therefore gives:

0.0053009 ETH per hour

0.1272216 ETH per day

3.816648 ETH per 30 day period

46.435884 ETH per 365 day period

Which gives in euros at the current price of € 1,379.75:

7.31 € per hour

175.53 € per day

5,266.02 € per period of 30 days

64,069.91 € per 365-day period

In other words, the 16,700 euros of investment can currently be repaid in a little less than three months. Which shouldn't help solve the graphics card shortage problem. And even risk making portable PC games very difficult to obtain.

Assuming each laptop uses about 250 watts of power (including whatever external fans he may have), that works out to about 3032,64 € per year.

So his net profit for the 20-laptop mining rig would be 61289,05€ per year, at current prices.

Source : TechARP

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