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JP morgan flipping from Bitcoin is evil in 2017 to JPmorgan coin in 2019

The world is moving Tesla takes to Bitcoin

By freedomx | Freedom | 9 Feb 2021

The world is moving in today's "new normal," people understand the need to stay at home and the risks associated with staying out of the marketplace.

However, traditional stocks are unsatisfying, with a small repertoire of traditional hedge funds and not enough return to keep you challenged. When a home investor like Cathy Wood made a 200% return and a big hedge fund 10% they can't justify the premium and to look smart they need to get into crypto. A large amount of money some from JP Morgan others from Tesla are pushing institutional investors into this space.

With new flagship products, such as Crypto Visas with rewards paid in crypto for spending, CRO and its token and a plethora of crypto debit cards it brings a variety of the market interest into the banks their - home. Through adjustable & versatile cards, big business is striving to provide homebound, busy individuals with an intense, fulfilling crypto workout.

Elon likes Anime

How strong is the Tesla effect, it will cause ripples and more waves in hi-fi finance. Elon is the richest person in the world while also trying to be homeless his dedication built into Tesla. "Rich" doesn't necessarily mean owning a huge mansion or taking luxury vacations. It's all about making choices based on what you want, not just your financial needs with his investment into crypto it's a sign of mainstream adoption and the snowball effect. 

You will eventually be able to pay for the things you really want 

One common thread you'll find among self-made millionaires and those who study them is that "rich people" tend to focus on something other than the dollar signs: Looking at the Superbowl and how Tom Brady prepped they break it into steps. They're solving a problem, or following a passion, or striving to build their business as much as possible.

The reason wealthy people earn more wealth is that they are honey badgers that are not afraid to admit that money can solve most problems and yet they don't give a damn! If you aren't scared of money — if you view it as an ally, and a tool that can help you achieve what you want in life — you're ahead of the game.

The question is not to Bet or Not to Bet?

You make bad decisions when you’re excited.

So don’t do it.

Good decisions come from a place of calm certainty. Bad ones come from an excess of emotion. When it comes to cryptocurrency, I always feel an excess of emotion — good and bad.

That sends me a clear message.

Play with what you can afford to lose however never be afraid to view rapid growth as an ally to get you ahead of the game. 

With Bitcoin Back to the ALL TIME HIGH Did you Buy? If so What are your Plans? Comment Below



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