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By FreedomMoney | Freedom Money | 16 Nov 2020

Hello and welcome to this blog on the world wide web. This post is going to be pretty short and straightforward as I want it to be more of a What to Expect than anything else. Let's begin, shall we?

What is Freedom Money?

Me, obviously! Well, half is me, the other is the blog. Anyways, Freedom Money is intended to be a resource of guides, platforms, offers, etc. that provide readers ways to receive income without much effort or investment. These methods can include:

  • Bank churning - signing up for new bank accounts with bonus offers for following some requirements, typically direct deposit or minimum spend
  • Faucets - websites or platforms that literally give you free cryptocurrency on a rotating timer, typically requires manual input
  • Staking - think of this as essentially gaining interest on your cryptocurrency portfolio, growing the money you have just sitting somewhere
  • Games/Gamification - niche and rare method, but some platforms gamify tasks and pay you in cryptocurrency
  • Other - anything that doesn't fall under the above categories, as new methods and promotions pop up all the time!

Promotion from BBVA Bank

Expected Blog Format

I don't know about you, but I hate poor formatting. With each blog post I will try to keep it as concise as possible with providing all the necessary information so you don't have to go researching yourself. I will do my best to provide expiry dates, proper list of requirements, correct instructions, and anything else needed for you to get the most out of that specific post. Minor updates will be modified on the post (i.e. expiration date changes) while major updates will have new posts created (i.e. new faucet site or a bank updates their promotion from $100 to $200).


In conclusion, I am here to help you. Free money is out there, you just need a place to consolidate it all through the noise and that place is Freedom Money. I am also human, so if I make a mistake please reply in the comments and point them out. Interact with each other and provide your own tips, as we are all here for the same goal. Let's build this community together! 

P.S. That BBVA promotion is current, stay tuned for the first official churn post (;

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Freedom Money

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