The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Poorer

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This saying has been around a while. In modern politics it is used by  the "left" in general to promote policies that increase taxes on the rich, or make them pay their "fair share". I have a couple of logical problems with this saying.

1. The rich certainly are getting richer, but can the poor actually continue to get poorer? I don't think so. While the sky is the limit for millionaires and billionaires, you can only get so poor before you hit a bottom. So, i prefer to say "The Rich get richer, and the poor stay poor". Seems more accurate.

2. Have any of the policies of the people who use this phrase actually stopped this? The answer is a clear no. Redistribution of wealth policies are based upon immoral principals, mainly, jealousy of what other people have, and stealing is just fine to do as long as you have a catchy phrase and the votes. Stealing from the rich, is the same as stealing from the poor.

If they really cared about the disparity between rich and poor, they would stop money printing and inflationary policies. It's the money that is broken. Ron Paul was basically the only elected representative that cared about this. The rich get access to the "fresh" money, and the poor get the resulting inflation later.

   So those that continue to vote for these policies seem to be unthinking zombies.  They keep passing the same laws and regulations, and the rich keep on getting richer. Which begs the question? Is the democrat party just a criminal front for the rich? They say "fair share", then support policies that make rich people richer. Behind closed doors politicians are just laughing at you.  "They fall for it every election cycle! I can't believe it. All I have to do is say tax the rich bla bla bla, and they continue to vote for us".

Remember for every law or regulation you want to pass, the rich have 10 loopholes ready with Biden/Clinton/Bush on speed dial to implement  it, or stick it into page 30 on the next spending bill.  The poor and middle class will always lose this battle, because it is a battle you shouldn't even be fighting. Voting to take from others is morally wrong, and they are better at it than you can possibly imagine.

It is time to change tactics. Stop voting. Start using Honest money. Bitcoin is that. Gold is that. Immoral people hate Bitcoin. They hate Gold too. It's why they won't use it as a currency.

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Howard Roark is a fictional character from "The FountainHead" by author Ayn Rand. He has come to life to share his infinite wisdom with the world.

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