Swissfaucet - Free Crypto, Cashback on Amazon and More cashback program

Swissfaucet - Free Crypto, Cashback on Amazon and More

Today I will be introducing you to an innovative faucet that offers many different benefits for signing up. From cash back on all Amazon purchases, in the form of crypto to purchase items on Amazon from earning from the faucet. Buy a copy of Minecraft, Airpods or a Sandisk 128GB Ultra SDMC all with coins earned for free from a faucet. Not only can you get free coins to purchase items on Amazon, get cash back and get free crypto just for signing up for a FREE Amazon Prime account! That's right get free crypto from signing up to Amazon Prime and use those earned coins to purchase items on Amazon and get cashback!

Swissfaucet is partnering with Amazon to bring all these amazing offers to you. Sign up to Swissfaucet today and start earning free crypto right now. I am going to be outlining many features offers and benefits to in this article. From Guilds, Lotteries, Mining, Staking and more below! Let's get started and learn the fantastic features this faucet has to offer.

Once you have created an account and are all set up and logged in you should familiarize yourself with the layout. From the top of the Dashboard you will have multiple hamburger menus to navigate the website. For now I want to focus on the left uneven hamburger which will bring up a drop down menu. Here you can switch between different pages within the site.


Here you can claim 10 coins every 60 minutes with zero annoying CAPTCHAS whatsoever. That's all there is to the faucet page, remember to claim as much as this is a task reward when you join a guild. I will get more into guilds and what they offer later in the article.

PTC Offerwalls and Shortlinks

Paid to click (or PTC) are ads submitted by users that you can view to obtain coins for cashing out into your preferred crypto in the withdraw system.

Offerwalls if you are unfamiliar with them are games you can download, surveys and quizzes that offer a great way to earn coins.

Shortlinks are reset everyday and are another means of earning coins. Simply follow the criteria of the shortlink to complete the task and be rewarded in coins.


Feeling like Lady Luck is on your side today? Check out the lottery page and purchase some tickets for coins. Each ticket costs only 10 coins so why not swap those 10 coins earned from the faucet for a few tickets?


This portion of the site offers a few downloadable mining software tools to start mining. Please be cautious with what you download and check the source. I have not tried mining software from this site yet. They offer GPU and CPU mining software to download.


Staking on is a little complicated but I will do my best to explain it. You can purchase coins and you get payments for being a stakeholder every Sunday. Please check out their in-depth staking information page for a better understanding as well as the rates for stakeholders.


Earn upwards of 2% on purchases from Amazon purchases! Buy a product with one of the links provided from and send your successful purchase to the swissfaucet email and you will receive 2% of the Price in Coins!
At the moment the process is manual however they are working at making the process automatic.
Already purchase items from Amazon on a regular basis? Then simply send an email to swissfaucet Contact and they will provide you with information so all your Products will get cashback!

Sign up for Amazon Prime FREE Trial and get 37500 in Coins to swap into cryptocurrency! Signing up to Audible FREE Trial gives you 62500 Coins. Thinking of purchasing a PAID subscription? You will be rewarded a whopping 125,000 Coins! Amazon is also offering a 25,000 Coin reward for your first purchase on Prime Wardrobe. Check out these amazing offers with more information here:


Guilds are a fun new way of working together and completing goals on the faucet site to earn rewards. Send an application to one of the many guilds to get started. I have joined a guild created by the creators of Swissfaucet, you are more than welcome to as well. Here you can chat, view members, check weekly tasks and view statistics. You can also checkout the guild bank and view the guild level and information about your current guild.


There are many cryptocurrencies you can choose from in the withdraw section of the site. Simply tap your profile image on the top right side then tap the image of coins and finally press the withdraw button. Here is a list of crypto options available for withdraw:

Bitcoin Cash, Ravencoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, BNB, and Groestlcoin.

There is a maximum amount you are able to withdraw at the moment corresponding to your current level. Your level will improve with your claiming actions throughout the site. There are many other features not listed here in this article. I welcome you to explore the site for yourself to find them. Let me know how your experience was with in the comments below!


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