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FREE Crypto for Watching Streams

Well, it's the weekend again and time to watch some Saturday cartoons, you may as well get paid for it! Today I will be introducing you to a couple ways to earn crypto for watching your favorite streamers. Let's jump right on into the platforms that reward you for watching.

DLive TV

DLive TV is a streaming service that is free to use to watch and support streamers playing various video games. Lemon is the currency they use for tipping and supporting their streamers. This currency is only used on their platform and cannot be transferred off the platform. Lemon operates on the BTT blockchain and allows viewers and content creators to be rewarded for their participation on the platform.

Staking BTT is another way to earn passive rewards on DLive TV. I will be writing an article on how you can obtain some free BTT in the future so keep an eye out for that as well. How the staking works is If you stake in your BTT into BTT Stake, you will be eligible for Staking Rewards. Receive BTT daily from the 5% of all gifts and paid subscriptions for involvement and unlock premium services. Sign up now and start earning while enjoying some streams!

Theta TV

Theta TV offers another excellent way for content creators and viewers to get rewarded for their contribution to the community. With chats and NFT emotes you can earn and exchange your Tfuel for. Tfuel is the currency used on the Theta network and is what you will be rewarded with. Tipping your favorite streamers with Tfuel is a way to show support and is very easy. Theta and Tfuel are a little different as Theta was replaced for Tfuel on the platform. You can still use Theta to exchange for Tfuel at a 10:1 ratio. For more information on the Theta blockchain click here.

Start showing support for content creators around the world and get rewards for watching streams.
Start earning Tfuel today by signing up on right now.

Do you have any favorite content creators or streamers on these networks? Let me know who some of your favorites are in the comments below.

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