Earn SAND on CoinMarketCap By Solving A Quiz (+ All Quiz Answers)

By LadyAlexis | freecryptotime | 8 Dec 2020

CoinMarketCap launched a new campaign in their Earn program. Now, they distribute the gaming Ethereum token SAND for free if you watch 3 videos plus answer 7 questions.


What is CoinMarketCap Earn?

CoinMarketCap Earn is the same as Coinbase Earn where they'll let reward users if they watch videos & answer related questions for a particular token.

To be eligible to participate into CoinMarketCap Earn, you need a CoinMarketCap account as well as a Binance account.


To find this campaign, just follow this link: https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/project/the-sandbox


Quiz Answers for SAND


1. Question: On which blockchain is The Sandbox ecosystem currently developed onto?

Answer: Ethereum


2. Question: What is the main The Sandbox virtual world primary focus for users?

Answer: Playing games


3. Question: What is NOT one of the main utility token of The Sandbox ecosystem?

Answer: Stablecoin


4. Question: What is the name of the NFT Maker creation tool in The Sandbox that lets you make 3D game assets and tokenize them for putting on the Marketplace?

Answer: VoxEdit


5. Question: How can users monetize their games on The Sandbox?

Answer: All of the above


6. Question: What tokens standards do The Sandbox use for its technology?

Answer: All of the above


7. Question: What can users do with the ASSETS bought on the marketplace?

Answer: Integrate them and Publish their game experiences

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