Earn Helium on CoinMarketCap By Solving A Quiz (+ Quiz Answers)

By LadyAlexis | freecryptotime | 25 Oct 2020

CoinMarketCap launched another campaign in their Earn program. Now, they distribute the cryptocurrency Helium for free if you watch 4 videos plus answer 7 questions.

CoinMarketCap Earn is the same as Coinbase Earn where they'll let reward users if they watch videos & answer related questions.

To find this campaign, just follow this link: https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/project/helium


Quiz Answers


Question: What type of devices connect to The People’s Network?

Answer: Internet Of Things (IoT) devices


Question: How many IoT devices are expected to need connectivity in the next five years?

Answer: 75 Billion


Question: What is the wireless technology Hotspots use to provide coverage?

Answer: LongFi


Question: What is the unit of exchange Hotspots earn?

Answer: HNT


Question: Which of the below is NOT a way a Hotspot earns HNT

Answer: Providing Wi-Fi connectivity to nearby phones and computers


Question: What is Helium’s novel proof algorithm that is used to verify Hotspots are real and located where they say they are?

Answer: Proof-Of-Coverage


Question: What is the unit of exchange IoT devices use to pay for connectivity?

Answer: Data Credits



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