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🎁Brave - an internet browser that pays its users

Brave Rewards will send the appropriate number of BAT tokens, divided based on your attention, from a local browser-based wallet to the pages you visited. You can delete sites you don't want to support, and tip directly to creators.

👉Brave is a fast, secure web browser application for Android with a built-in adblocker for third-party ads. Brave is fast, secure and private, preventing ads from being tracked or infected with malware and pop-ups.

🎁Can be Installed on a Computer, Phone or Tablet👈

👉Why is it worth it❓
You register in the program and add your website, YouTube or Twitter account. Thanks to this, you can earn 2USD by recommending your browser or receive tips from its users.

⛔How does the Brave Rewards app work❓

👉 Brave browser users earn tokens by surfing the web.

Brave Rewards application is based on Basic Attention Token (BAT) tokens. People using the Brave browser can earn tokens by displaying ads that respect privacy.

1️⃣ Go to the page and download the Browser

2️⃣ Ok You already have an APK, now create an account by entering your email address

Wallet (KYC verification necessary, very simple, e.g. front passport and selfie) Funds from the wallet can be withdrawn to a BANK ACCOUNT

3️⃣ The next step is to synchronize your Uphold wallet with Brave.
4️⃣ You provide your website, blog, youtube channel and get a referral link.

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