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By MBouju | FreeCrypt0tips | 12 May 2023

Zeta Chain Airdrop - How to Qualify?

Find out in this guide the steps to follow in order to be eligible for this potential Airdrop.

Over the past few months, the Zeta Chain project has deployed its ZetaLabs platform on the testnet. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, several indicators lead us to believe in a future Airdrop.

Discover in this guide the steps to follow in order to be eligible for this potential Airdrop.

All you need to know about Zeta Chain Airdrop Key points about the potential Zeta Chain Airdrop What is Zeta Chain? How to qualify for the ZetaChain Airdrop?

1 - Interact on Zetalabs

2 - Claim your badges on Galxe

3 - Claim Discord roles on Guild

4 - Complete quests on Zealy

What is Zeta Chain?
Before interacting with ZetaChain, it is important to learn about it. In summary, ZetaChain is a new layer 1 blockchain that integrates blockchain agnostic interoperability (compatible with EVM, Cosmos/IBC, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tron, etc.). Developers currently use ZetaChain's messaging capabilities to send data and native values (without wrapping assets) between any chains.

In simple terms, ZetaChain allows developers to create inter-chain DApps that are directly installed on connected blockchains, eliminating the need for bridges or wrapped tokens and reducing gas fees.

How to qualify for the ZetaChain Airdrop?

1 - Interact on ZetaLabs To begin, visit the website: Zetalabs.

Connect your wallet by choosing your preferred network. Connect and verify your Twitter account to start interacting with ZetaLabs and earn your first "Zeta Points."

Go to the "Get ZETA" tab to claim your first $ZETA on the testnet, which is currently one of the only two available on-chain features on Zetalabs. These $ZETA tokens will also be used for testing the protocol later on.

Once you receive your $ZETA on the chosen blockchain, you now need to test the "Swap" feature, which is the second available functionality.

Before proceeding with this step, make sure you have tokens on the testnet to cover your gas fees. If you don't have any yet, you can claim free tokens by visiting the following faucets:

Goerli (ETH) Mumbai (MATIC) BSC Testnet

For this step, click on the "Swap" tab, choose the starting blockchain and the destination blockchain. For example, if we are interacting on the Ethereum Goerli network, we need to select Goerli as the starting blockchain and choose "ZETA" as the token to send. As for the destination blockchain, you have two choices: Polygon Mumbai or BSC Testnet.

Simply click "Review Order," authorize the $ZETA token on your wallet, and finalize the swap by validating a final transaction.

There is also another way to accumulate Zeta Points. Simply share your referral link, which is available by clicking on "Earn ZETA Points," with new users. This will give you 5000 Zeta Points for each user after their account verification, plus a bonus of 1750 points every week that the user performs a swap.

You can find a summary of your points and invitations in the "Leaderboard" tab.

2 - Claim your badges on Galxe Once you have completed the interactions on Zetalabs, you are eligible to claim several badges on Galxe, which could potentially qualify you for an Airdrop.

To start the tasks on Galxe, visit the ZetaChain space.

Next, configure your account by connecting your digital wallet, Discord account, and Twitter account.

Currently, there are 7 badges to claim on the Polygon network. The first 5 badges only require you to follow their Twitter account, join their Discord server, and perform a swap on Zetalabs.

To claim your badges, make sure you meet all the requirements and simply click on "Claim" and validate the transaction on your wallet.

For the "ZETA Assimilated 101-201" badges, you will need to complete two quizzes and provide your ETH address on the Google Forms.

Here are the quizzes and their answers: "Zeta Assimilated 101" (D,A,C,D,A,B,D) "Zeta Assimilated 201" (C,A,B,B,D,C,B)

As for the "?" and "Bring ZETA Home" badges, they will be available for collection later on, so remember to check regularly if they are available.

3 - Claim Discord roles on Guild After completing all these steps, you can now claim several roles on their Discord server.

Simply go to the ZetaChain Guild and connect your Discord and digital wallet.

You will automatically receive the "ZETA Beta Tester" and "ZETA Supporter" roles on the ZetaChain Discord server if you have correctly followed all the previous steps. The purpose of these roles has not been specified yet, so it is important to frequently check the announcements on the Discord server to stay informed about updates.

4 - Complete quests on Zealy To start, visit the Zealy space of ZetaChain.

Connect your Discord account, then link your digital wallet and Twitter account to facilitate the upcoming steps.

The objective is to complete as many quests as possible available in the Zealy space to earn as much experience as possible and secure a good position in the leaderboard, which may be an additional requirement to qualify for this Airdrop.


1 - "Getting Started" quests We will start with the initial "Getting Started" quests.

1: Join the ZetaChain Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/kjQBqcZtnh
2: Join the Telegram: https://t.me/zetachainofficial
3: Join the Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/zetablockchain/
4: Follow Zeta Chain's Medium account: https://medium.com/@zetablockchain
5: Follow Zeta Chain's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKNtjOiHfFsEng2pzlfJZlA
6: For the last 3 quests, invite your friends to Zealy by clicking on "Invite Frens" at the top of the page. Your friends should validate at least one quest to confirm the invitation.

Once you have completed these steps, claim your rewards by clicking "Claim Reward" for each quest.

2 - "Testnet" quests The rewards for these 2 quests are already available for collection, as the conditions were to claim a badge and join the Zeta Chain Guild, which we have completed in the previous steps.

3 - "Contributor Role" quests For the quests in this category, you are asked to create content to promote the project on social media. If you can complete some quests, it is recommended to prioritize those that give you the "Contributor" role in addition to experience points. This role will be granted to you on Discord and will unlock another category of quests on Zealy.

4 - "Security" quests: For these quests, you simply need to answer questions to receive your rewards. The questions are basic and are designed to ensure that you are aware of any scams related to Zeta Chain.

5 - Twitter quests: There are 6 quests in this category where you simply need to like, comment, and retweet each tweet individually, and then claim your rewards.

One final quest is available at the bottom of the page, and the reward can be claimed without any action required every 24 hours.

After following this guide, you have completed everything currently available in relation to Zeta Chain. Remember to monitor Zealy for any new quests that may appear in the future.

Important Notes: Be sure to keep an eye on the project's social media channels to stay informed about potential new features or updates. Don't forget to repeat the swap on Zeta Labs once a week and refer your friends to accumulate Zeta Points.

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