CoinLive AirDrop Token CLX - Get a lot of Money.

By Adrian Kabat | FreeCash | 26 Feb 2024

Hi guys !

I come to you with an interesting AirDrop which is CLX from the CoinLive mobile application.

The application itself is not complicated to use, and you can gain a lot by collecting the CLX token, which will soon be available on stock exchanges.

Below I present to you the entire simple system of how the application works.


1. Download the CoinLive app from the App Store or Play Store.   --> DOWNLOAD LINK

2. Once your app is downloaded, enter your referral code ( LpX9CXOWbY ) when registering and you'll get points towards AirDrop to start with.

3. Once the registration is successful, the start screen shows a chart where you bet on when BitCoin will fall or rise.

If you manage to correctly predict twice in a row whether bitcoin will increase or not, you will receive a box that you can open and usually receive from 5 to 10 CLX tokens.

The advantage is that whether you succeed or not, you will still receive tokens - 1 CLX for incorrect prediction and 5 CLX for correct prediction.

The cup icon at the bottom of the screen shows where you are in the CLX pool draw, the more times you predict whether bitcoin will fall or rise, your ranking also increases, giving you a greater chance of winning more CLX tokens.

The two cloud icon is a chat where people write different messages, but most often, whether bitcoin will increase or decrease, you can use it when betting on the main screen.

Right after the main screen icon, there is a gift icon, where you have to perform tasks such as liking a post on Twitter, or sharing a post, or joining a Telegram group. Daily tasks like this earn you Genesis points. Thanks to this, you take part in the $XR Token Airdrop.

Below on the screen there is a Check-in tab where you receive limited amounts of CLX tokens every day.

The description of the application is as follows and nothing more needs to be added, because the application is really easy to use, and you can gain a lot, especially since the application announces two airdrops of CLX and $XR tokens.

Tokens will be withdrawable after the airdrop is completed in approximately 40 Days. So until then, you can collect tokens for free and earn some money in the process.

If I helped you and you appreciate my work, I will be pleased if you register using my link or enter my referral code when registering.


I wish those reading and using the CoinLive Application great earnings.


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