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What is Being Freed from the Self?

By Crypto JBro | Free from a Self | 18 Aug 2020

The title of this blog is strange. It raises the questions:  What is being freed from a self?  What is left after the self is dissolved?

It also implies that the self is inherently imprisoned. It seems to arise in us from nowhere, then immediately define and compare itself in various ways. These self descriptions have been taught to us since we were babies and planted deep within.

We never stood a chance of maintaining the freedom of our awareness as these endless labels were heaped onto us growing up.  It has been immensely painful to look within at these assumptions and see them as false.  Each self category died away one by one.

I was faced directly with my subconscious horrors through years of nightmares as this unfolded.  The awakening process was a thousand deaths.  It was a difficult path, but it doesn't have to be.

The me desperately held on to its false self identities with all its might.  I am not unique in this.  Millions across the world are returning to a pure state of awareness through various movements and teachers.  If interested, look through the various non-duality teachers on Youtube.

So, what is being freed from a self? Our pure awareness and the world at large are two of them.  Our real nature is not what our societies and cultures demand to label us.

Through awakening, we see that we are unified and embedded with our unfolding environment, our world, our here and our now.  Truth becomes easier than falseness.  But, the falseness can be a rabid, dying monster for some.

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Crypto JBro
Crypto JBro

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Free from a Self
Free from a Self

Could it be that the self is an assumption? Is it a fundamental blunder upon which all our suffering lies? The no-self cannot grasp at anything nor push anything away. The quiet mind is oblivious of desire and discomfort.

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