Earn Gift Cards of Your Choices for Having the App Installed on Your Phone

Mobile Performance Meter

I have been using this app for the past 4 years and continually redeemed daily points I earned just for having it on my mobile phone for gift cards worth of total $3,500. I never had to spend my own money for purchasing a laptop every 2 years and Starbucks coffees for the past 2 years after I redeemed these points for Amazon and Starbucks gift cards -- I often treat my friends for Starbucks, and they must be thinking I am just being nice and paying for them out of my pocket.

It has been around for almost a decade and many people passively earn free gift cards from the app every year. Let me share how you can go about doing the same!


This FREE app is called the Mobile Performance Meter developed by the company Embee Mobile. While the app monitors specific activities on your mobile phone, it does NOT collect your private data. The Mobile Performance Meter works on both Android and iOS.

1) If you are already on your mobile device, clicking here will take you to the download page on Google Play Store.


2) Go ahead and download and run it. It will ask you some questions to see if your device, mobile carrier, and location (zip code) qualify to earn daily meter point. It is because they might already have enough of certain devices and locations for their data collection. For those that are currently not qualified, please try again some time later or when you get a different phone.

3) Once you are confirmed to be qualify, you get points daily for just having it running on your phone. The app is super lightweight and does NOT interfere or degrade the performance of your phone. You won't even notice it running in the background.


4) Depending on your location, you earn as little as 5 points to 30 points daily. This app requires a SIM card meaning that your phone should have active mobile services. I will let write a separate article about how to run this on multiple devices using wifi later.

Points History

5) 100 points are equivalent to $1. For me, I earn 25 points on 2 devices and 15 points on 2 devices daily doing nothing. This results in 70 daily points for me passively. There are also survey opportunities that you can try to take, and it ranges from 5 points to 1000 points. Even if you disqualify to take a survey, they give you 2 points per each attempted survey. 90% of the time, I am disqualified to take the surveys, but I still averagely make easy 50 points for at least trying to participate in those.

You can increase your point earnings by definitely trying to attempt as many surveys as possible (I have attempted more than 70 surveys one day, and I still get 140 points for my attempts), but no need to bother as you will be getting daily points anyway.

Have Mobile Performance Meter installed on your phone and start earning points passively that you can redeem for gift cards.


Since I wrote this article yesterday, here is my updated balance from the previous day (screenshot above). See how fast it grows in a day? You should get started ASAP while the opportunity lasts!


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Free Daily Passive Income with No Investment!
Free Daily Passive Income with No Investment!

In this blog, I will be sharing some of the confirmed ways I have been using to earn free money, cryptocurrencies, and gift cards for the past 5 years or so. Most of them have been confirmed over the period of several years, and I am still continually benefiting from them. Please stay tuned to find out more about those!

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