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Have you ever thought about getting paid in crypto everyday for sharing your opinions, thoughts, analysis, news, etc. in writing?

Well.. what I am about to talk about is not anything new but something you are already using -- Publish0x.

I have been a user here (mainly as a reader for the first 2 months or so) for about 6 months now. My experience as both a reader and a writer here has been great so far. Crypto currencies have been one of my main interests for almost 2 decades now. I was first introduced to Bitcoin when not many people even knew the existence of it. As my interest grew gradually, I studied how to analyze charts, learned how to read the trend off of news and social media sites, and developed my own strategies as to how to minimize the risks of investing in crypto currencies while becoming profitable and growing in crypto possession. And guess what? There are more than you think who would be interested in hearing your experiences, strategies, and know-hows. 

So let me ask you these questions. Do you enjoy writing? Do you like sharing your thoughts and opinions with others in writing? Are you interested in crypto currencies? Do you want to get little something in three different crypto currencies passively? If your answer was a 'Yes' to more than 2 of these questions, you should seriously consider publishing articles here on Publish0x! Just give it a try and there is nothing to lose, literally!

You do not need to be a professional writer. All it takes you is to effectively translate your thoughts into writing. You will be amazed at the passive tips flowing into your Publish0x account while the number of followers for you continually grows.

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Free Daily Passive Income with No Investment!

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