Hello everyone, I want to tell you about this airdrop that offers 100 HANDY coins free of charge


link: HandyPick


Cod ref:Y7YL6G


but in the end you also have to use this Y7YL6G referral code so that you can have an extra 50 HANDY tokens is a platform that is listed on gogle play and offers you the opportunity to play some games based on trading  long / short


at the same time you have a live coin market for absolutely all crypto currencies and in the same yimp you have the opportunity to follow the crypto market and win some HANDY coins for free


and the games are these 


for me one I really like this platform for the fact that although you earn a few coins for free but at the same time you can follow the crypto currency market


they even have a chat where you can do all kinds of tasks in exchange for handy coins

there are 3 branches of chat trending free talk and event

handy talk



in short, I invite you to download the application from google play

and if you want 50 extra handy tokens use the ref

code ref :  Y7YL6G

Link: HandyPick


I wish you a good day and thank you for reading the article and I would be grateful if you would follow up and like until next time you have good earnings


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free cryptocurrencies with the possibility of trai
free cryptocurrencies with the possibility of trai

next to this blog I will add every post of mine when it comes to cryptocurrency airdrops with the possibility of being exchanged more precisely coins that are priced and are listed on exchengiuri

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