The New Social Media for Crypto Users

By cryptonottz | Free crypto today | 29 May 2021



This is by far the best Social Media platform i have used! i've only been on it a few weeks and made some good friends and learnt alot from landers [Lander is what you are called] and had some laughs along the way.


There is many benefits of being on this platform:

  •    Crypto information
  •    Free currency 
  •    Free news
  •    Laugh's
  •    Give away's



There is all so there own token named XTM which you earn for completing missions on the platform which when on the market will be worth something (as yet it is not known what it will be worth at the start but some estimate around $0.10).

you have to collect 500 xtm to unlock your wallet before you can with draw but that dont take long, you can gift xtm and be gifted xtm and also earn though referring friends to the platform.

Join here--------


and finally to say thanks to the team at torum you guy do a great job!!!!!

ps, dont forget to like please and be kind enough to tip!! its free and you al so earn!

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