This is How I'm making $175 in BTC and ETH Every Month with BitcoinMania

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 13 Oct 2021

If you have followed my journey since I started posting here a few months back you are probably aware that I discovered a crypto game called BitcoinMania back in May and I approached it with caution (like I have said in previous posts) and I did so knowing that many crypto “projects” end up being bad sites.

It was with that mentality that I started playing BitcoinMania as a free player for about 3 months. This time allowed me to become more familiarized with the platform as well as understanding where the project is heading without worrying about losing any investments. 

As time went by I grew more confident as I saw development in the project, the BitcoinMania team has always been responsive (I can’t complain) to any inquiries I have. After grinding every single day for 3 months as a free player (which still didn’t require more than 15 minutes daily) I was able to acquire two additional miners to the one I was given as a gift for signing up back in May to have a total of three miners. Of course I was not making much as a free player. But I was consistently making 110 SAT, or about 6 cents every day  or about $1.80 a month, nothing extraordinary of course. 

However, it was at this point, while I was gathering more Bitcoin to buy my next miner that I decided to speed up the process because my experience with the game had been positive, and I have to say, it is still positive and I am glad I joined a few months back. 

Before investing my own money, I did some extensive reading in the project. I promise I have read every page available to players within their website and although I know there are not 100% guarantees, but I see a lot of potential in this game and how it is developing. So, I first invested about $18 to buy a miner with an ROI of 167 days as long as rewards are not changed or halved in the future (which, sadly, is a possibility down the road). However, as of now, things seem pretty stable.

Shortly after I made my first investment, I decided to invest a larger amount totaling around $478 in BTC and ETH miners. I will provide a breakdown of how my investments were allocated and what my current mining rooms are generating in BTC and ETH. 





These investments allowed me to buy a total of 11 miners between BTC and ETH miners. I also made sure to buy my miners only during events where BitcoinMania offered 5% and 7.5% off  miners which helped me get the most out of my investment and so far, I am happy with the results. For almost 2 months straight now, I have been making 0.00006710 BTC and 0.0006150 ETH which is roughly $3.70 and $2.15 respectively each day which gives me a total of almost $6 every day and a monthly total of $175 if I want to be conservative although I know BTC is trading at about $56,000 at the time I am writing this article but we all know prices fluctuate. 





I know my investment is quite large for a page with no guarantees, but I like what I see. And don’t get me wrong, I understand the risk I am taking and I am only using speculative money and so far I am pretty satisfied with it. I am consistently making some money off this game and within 30 days I should be able to start seeing profits, as long as BTC and ETH prices remain at around $55,000 and $3,500 respectively. 

We will see how this project continues to develop in a few more months. BitcoinMania is only 8 months old, and they are still a relatively young project. And, this is just my opinion, I do believe  they are here to stay and hopefully will become a large project just like RollerCoin. If that holds to be true, BitcoinMania should be around for a few more years, in which case, I will be happy I invested in it early enough.

Thus far, the project has grown from 29,000 players when I joined in May to now over 75,000 players in the middle of October and the project BTC reserves have increased from 1 BTC to over 11 BTC. 

GAME STATS AS OF 10/12/2021


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Adrian Castaneda

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