RollerCoin: A Construtive Criticism

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 27 Oct 2021

RollerCoin is still and by far the most popular online Bitcoin Mining Simulator with over 1.6 Million players and allows its users to earn BTC, ETH, DOGE and most recently BNB for free through their free-to-play free-to-earn platform and alternatively allows users to enhance earnings through the acquisition of virtual miners.

RollerCoin is growing fast, however, it faces some drawbacks with some of the latest updates.

In this video we share some constructive criticism to a platform that has earned its reputation with hard work and hope that they listen to their community and continue to thrive like they have since its creation back in 2018.

We will point out the good and the bad from the latest updates.

Updates that have led to some criticism from most of their community and that can hopefully be addressed by the RollerCoin Team in the next few weeks. As well as the exciting updates that have been added in this new season (DARK STAR) such as adding BNB as a new token to be mined and other positive and exciting updates that were announced recently such as the implementation of a marketplace where players eill be able to sell/trade their virtual miners, in-game drops, the upcoming creation of NFT's in the RollerCoin ecosystem and, apparently, the addition of more new tokens starting in Season III which should launch around mid december.

With that said, I believe RollerCoin will continue to grow and enjoy popularity within its community. We will see how things play out.


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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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