OKEx, 2nd Largest Crypto Exchange Worldwide - Free BTC - REVIEW

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 11 Apr 2021

I wanted to share a great discovery of mine and thought readers here at PublishOx would find this information highly interesting and useful. I also want you to know that this is a 100% unbiased article, solely based on my experience, which I have found, so far, to be pleasant. Oh! And yes, it is totally free. So, here it goes.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about The reason why I took some time to read and do research on it was because they are the second largest crypto exchange worldwide (just second to Coinbase) and also great reviews on the internet. OKEx has been operational since 2018, growing at an accelerated rate. However, it was a fairly new reward program that caught my attention. This program allows you to earn 250 Satoshi every day by completing 5 easy daily missions: read 5 articles to familiarize yourself with the crypto world and how to use their platform. I've been doing their missions for just over two weeks, which literally take me 5 minutes (1 minute per mission). By now, I’ve accumulated  10,000 Satoshi, which is the minimum amount you need to withdraw (thanks to some friend referrals) to my trading account within OKEx. You may see my claimed Satoshi on the following screenshot.



At the time of redemption the 10,000 Satoshi were worth $5.80 USD. I immediately sold my BTC for some ETH which I like and feel would allow me to grow my assets even more. (Shown on the following screenshot)



I’ve found on OKEx a great exchange with a great reputation where I can learn, earn some BTC and also be able to taste the waters of crypto trading. Although, I am more leaned towards buying and holding on to my high conviction crypto (as you can already tell, ETH is my priority, followed by BTC). For many of us newly involved in the cryptocurrency world it would be a great way to gain some knowledge about crypto in general, learn how the exchange platforms work (if you are curious) and earn some crypto in the way. Which you can then use to trade or hold for the long term like I do. 

Signing up is pretty simple. Keep in mind that, as most exchanges OKEx is compliant with KYC (Know Your Client) regulations, therefore you will have to upload a photo ID as well as taking a selfie to become verified and be able to earn those free BTC. And, although I am not a financial advisor, I would certainly recommend my friends (and I already have) to use the exchange, get some free BTC and get involved in the crypto world. 

I hope some of you find this article relevant and perhaps someone sees value in it, like I did. If you wish to try the platform (completely free) and support my work, you can use my referral sign up link: 

Other than that, have a great day and as usual, happy earning.


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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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