Is BitcoinMania Game a Good Investment Opportunity?

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 31 Aug 2021

Four months ago I discovered a newly created Bitcoin game project that caught my attention: BitcoinMania, an online mining simulator that continues to grow each day. This has been my experience and I will tell you why my confidence in this platform continues to grow.

Much like RollerCoin (the King online mining simulator to date, which I also use), BitcoinMania offers miners, and the ability to withdraw funds mined by the miners you own. 


I first discovered BitcoinMania when it was merely 69 days old and as with everything, I approached it with precaution as crypto scams are everywhere. The game had only around 20,000 players and their Bitcoin reserve (based on the information available on the website) was less than 1 BTC. However, I decided to give it a try without investing any money and see how it played out.  

I just played the free game they offered at the time (by now they have 3 games) and produced 40 Satoshi daily for in-game miner purchases only, and reinvesting the mined Satoshi (20 Satoshi daily) from the free miner I got when I first signed up. These two added up to 60 Satoshi every day. Finally, I would also deposit Russian Rubles I earned on AdBTC from clicking on ads. 


This strategy allowed me to buy my second miner for 5,000 Satoshi (.00005 BTC) within 40 days, which produces 30 Satoshi daily and my third miner for 10,000 Satoshi (.00001 BTC) around 50 days after, which produces 60 Satoshi daily. Other than investing about 10 minutes daily playing the games, I got my three miners for free. Giving me a total of 110 Satoshi daily.

Around this time, the game turned 6 months old (180 Days) which they celebrated by launching their first ever promotion: a 5% discount on all miners. Sadly, I did not have enough BTC to buy miners at the time. However, the three miners I owned were already producing 110 Satoshi to my withdrawal balance daily. All it took was for me to access the game once and collect the profit from my three miners with one click on each. Aside from the income being produced by my miners, I kept playing the free games and collecting the free SAT every day. And guess what? They launched a 2nd and 3rd game which enabled me to earn a total of 120 Satoshi daily to my purchasing balance plus the 110 Satoshi I would get from my miners giving me a total of 230 Satoshi daily. I was saving to purchase my next miner which was worth 50,000 Satoshi. 

I realized it would take me somewhere around 180 to 190 days to reach 50,000 Satoshi (.0005 BTC) playing the free games (120 Satoshi), reinvesting the earned BTC from my miners ( 110 Satoshi) and transferring Rubles to my BitcoinMania account (around 30 to 40 Satoshi each day) and at this time I had been playing this game for over 3 months. 

I had already read through their Crowdfunding and FAQ (frequently asked questions) sections which seemed pretty ambitious but at the same time realistic.

Also, they had been growing not only in terms of players, they had already reached 50,000 players, BTC reserves had grown from less than 1 BTC to over 5 BTC and most important of all they had been keeping their word and continue to develop the game:

  • Releasing 2 additional games since the time I joined in.
  • Increasing the number of sponsors they have. (You can see a whole list of them at their sponsor section, and it is longer than when I first started).
  • Increasing the amount of free Satoshi (going from 15 to 20) you get from the free miner you get when signing up. Which is driving more players to the game. 
  • Recently added ETH and DOGE to the game. You can now earn BTC, ETH or DOGE from your miners.
  • Also get a free ETH and DOGE miner.
  • Always replying to technical issues in a timely manner. 
  • And although they still need to add more withdrawal options, I have been paid with no issues thus far. 


So, I decided to invest some money on it. Around $100 to be precise. This investment along with the BTC I had in the game was enough to buy 2 new and more powerful miners at 50,000 and 100,000 SAT along with 100 BMT (BitcoinMania Tokens) which should have some value as the game grows in the near future. Now my mining room generates 1010 Satoshi (.00001010 BTC) daily. 


As with anything, investing always poses a risk. Of course I could be wrong. I cannot guarantee 100% the site will be there forever. However, after spending some time on this site, I grew some confidence in what the project can achieve and what I can generate from it. And for what it has shown, I am willing to run the risk, not a huge risk, but I am giving BitcoinMania a chance to continue to develop and I believe it will be around for quite sometime just like RollerCoin has. And for the potential to get my investment back in around 4 months or less if the price of BTC continues to rally and potentially start earning some passive BTC, I am in. 

Keep in mind that it is up to each one of us to determine if we are willing to take a risk or not on a project or game. I am just sharing my experience and I have to say, up to now, it has been a positive one.



The first article I wrote about BitcoinMania 3 months ago:

Good Luck and as usual, happy mining everyone!

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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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