Earning Passive Income through BitcoinMania Game (My first significant Withdrawal)

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 24 Sep 2021

If you follow my articles, you may already know that a few months back I started using BitcoinMania, an online Bitcoin simulator that reminded me of another great Bitcoin simulator I also use: RollerCoin.  

However, BitcoinMania was a newer project which had been around for just over 90 days when I discovered it. I had to be skeptical of as many crypto projects end up being fraudulent. I approached it with caution but also gave it a chance and started playing it on May 9th, 2021. I played for 3 months completely free (which you 100% can do).    I got a free BTC miner when I signed up (which you can still get by signing up).

I progressed in the game only by reinvesting what my free miner produced along with the BTC I got from playing the free mini-games within the platform (which produce 120 SAT daily) and that can be used to buy miners. That strategy allowed me to purchase 2 additional miners without any investments in the spawn of 60 days, and although the profits were small, it helped me build some confidence in the platform as more time went by and I saw development in the game.

BitcoinMania has managed to improve the platform in the 4 months that I have been using it and that is something I really like.

Improvements include:  

  • Additional languages added to the game (10 languages by now)
  • Increased number of sponsors.
  • Increased number of players (more than doubled since I joined)
  • New mini-games being added to the platform (2 new games) since I joined.
  • Adding 2 new cryptocurrencies to the game: now we can mine ETH and DOGE as well.
  • Repealing at least one hacker attack I am aware of.
  • Having a comprehensive and ambitious yet realistic 24-month road map for the project. which you can check on their crowdfunding page.
  • Delivering their promises on time and in a timely manner as stated on their road map.
  • Increased BTC reserves (9x since I signed up).
  • Running uninterruptedly for over 229 days.   


As these milestones took place I grew more confidence in the platform and decided to invest a little bit of money to see how things played out. It has been about one month since my initial investment and so far I am content with the results I am getting. I am generating between $5 to $6 passively every day (or almost 11,000 SAT daily if I combine what I make between BTC, ETH and DOGE). I should also note that I did invest some money in the game (around $400 USD) because I wanted to speed up the process instead of taking the long free route. Also, I reinvest most of the profits I make from the game as I am aiming to get a larger piece of the pie in the long term. But again, I have to say that I am happy with the results so far.   Here I will share a picture of what my main two mining rooms look like,  

MY BTC MINING ROOM Currently own 6 miners and produces 6710 Satoshi or .00006710 BTC daily .



MY ETH MINING ROOM Currently own 4 miners and produces .0005565 ETH daily.


I had previously withdrawn funds from the game, before I even thought about investing in it just to make sure payments actually went through and they did. However, it was not until recently that I decided to withdraw a significant sum of Satoshi ( I withdrew just over $22 or about 50,000 SAT, although I could have withdrawn over $100 if I wanted to, but like I said earlier, I am reinvesting into the game) all I wanted to do was to make sure larger payments would go through. I did get my first significant deposit to my Coinbase account a few days ago. It only took 6 hours to see my payment reflected and about 8 hours to actually get all the confirmations.  

WITHDRAWS (picture has been edited to remove sensitive and personal information)  but these are my 3 withdrawals so far.65b2a7f25049d5f06d83f5519e74c10d2c1c9b8b316ba306a533a28ef821ac6e.png  



So, again, I am happy with what this game is providing in terms of returns and future developments. 


NOTE: Please, if you decide to give BitcoinMania a chance, do so by starting to play for free and familiarizing yourself with it. This is a game that can potentially bring some profits but at the same time, there are always risks involved in these types of platforms. I do have confidence in the game and its future, which I gained from spending time using the platform, seeing its development, the way the game is executing and some extensive reading I did before even thinking about investing; which subsequently led me to make the decision I made. But, we all have different risk tolerance and different investing strategies. So do your own due diligence before considering any investments.   


Hope this info is valuable and happy mining everyone.

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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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