A Constructive Criticism to RollerCoin - DO NOT LET GREED TAKE OVER.

RollerCoin is a popular online mining simulator that allows its users to mine BTC, ETH and DOGE by playing free games and has become a very popular game in 2021 reaching over 1.4 Million users. The platform has operated uninterruptedly for over three years allowing anyone to earn crypto playing free games on their website or app.

A few days ago RollerCoin started asking its community which coin should they add as a mining reward for players, hinting they will soon add a new cryptocurrency to the game.


This is a much needed update for a community that has grown exponentially in 2021 having at least 3x its number of active players. 

However, rewards have not increased at the same pace. During the last reward update that took effect in April, the block reward time increased from 5 to 10 minutes for BTC, ETH and RLT. At the same time Bitcoin rewards only increased by 66%, Ethereum rewards increased by 47% and Dogecoin rewards were drastically reduced by 87.5%, mainly due to its increase in price.


The native RollerCoin token RLT, however, increased by 300%, suggesting that RollerCoin wants players to reinvest in the game as RLT is a token that can only be used within the platform to buy miners. On the good side you can now farm more RLT to buy miners which in turn can mine crypto you can actually withdraw to your personal wallets, but on the bad side RLT does not have intrinsic value outside of the RollerCoin ecosystem.

Therefore, an increase in block rewards or adding additional cryptocurrencies to the game is a must. Especially since the "New Era of RollerCoin" was launched in early August and an incredible number of miners have been put on sale allowing RollerCoin to raise capital from flash sales.

However, for miners, this has created a hyper-inflated mining network where you now must have almost twice the amount of mining power to mine the same crypto you were able to mine 2 months ago.


So, as a miner my questions are:

1.How are these sales benefiting players? If one ends up buying miners just to realize the RLT spent to increase your mining power was only used to maintain the amount of crypto you were mining before?

2. Besides RollerCoin making money from the virtual miners players buy, what benefit is there for the players? 

The hyper inflated combined network (mining) power does not allow most new players to mine significant amounts of crypto unless they spend a large number of hours playing each day or unless they buy miners right after they start their journey in the game.

This is creating a model that becomes less encouraging for new players that see other games (namely: NFT games) as faster and more rewarding platforms compared to RollerCoin.

RollerCoin has certainly been able to raise some hefty capital with last months' sales by offering and selling an incredible number of virtual miners on flash daily sales. This is good for the developers and the website owners, but what is in it for players?

RollerCoin must acknowledge their success has been possible thanks to the large number of players and crypto fans that believe in their platform.

Therefore, increasing block rewards would be a great way for RollerCoin to show they are still committed to their community providing not only entertainment but also value to their players.

Hopefully, we will see an increase in block rewards as well as at least one new cryptocurrency with growth potential ahead such as ADA, SOL or XLM. That would encourage players to continue to joi. And keep it rewarding, while being able to generate some returns in the mid to long term.

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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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