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By Kazna | Free content from me | 2 Feb 2023

 It's been a while since my last post so I been thinking the best way to start writing again and decided to share a list of the best and most reliables faucets I been using the past few years.


1- Freebitcoin



Freebitcoin remains as #1, a crypto fucet every hour where you win some satoshis, 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points every roll (you can also disable the lottery tickets to earn 2 more reward points).

You can bet on some sports, play the dice game and earn both sats and reward points each bet, you can use the reward points to get bonuses on the site or to get some pretty gifts. Also you win evryday staking sats if you have a minimum of 0.0003 in your account and you can get exclusive wheels of fortunes everyday with cool gifts.

Last year I been staking also some fun tokens on the site, those will boost your incomes, paybacks and also get you more wheels of fortune per day.


2- Betfury


Betfury has the major faucet I seen at the moment, you can claim 42sats (and they increase with your level) every hour, you can bet on lots of games and sports and it supports lots of currencies. When betting you will farm some BFG tokens, the house tokens, you can also buy them at biswap, the interesting point: you'll earn by holding at least 10 tokens on your account, you can be paid in BFG or in a mix of 5 cryptos (BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX and BNB), the payout is aprox 1%/day.


3- Faucetcrypto


Faucetcrypto has a 30min faucet with ptc tasks, with each solved task you'll earn crypto and exp that will make you level up and get a bous on each task.

you can withdraw in lot of differents cryptos.


4- Libertex


Libertex has a free BTC miner that I personally tested as legit, you can use the money to invest on the site and withdraw the earnings from your trades, easy to use but you need at least $10 to trade and you can withdraw from $25 in cryptos.



If you liked the info you can use my referral links in the banners to earn with me and if you want more info to make a profit on those faucets I can help you so leave a comment.

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Argentinian amateur crypto day trader, amateur american football player, event manager. Love to travel and love analytics. Hope to live in Europe in a few years in order to keep learning about the world qe've been private from.

Free content from me
Free content from me

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