Getting some context: Latin America and Cryptos

By Kazna | Free content from me | 5 Feb 2021

   I'm from Argentina. A century back in time was a potential land to achieve anything an everything, but we've missed our path as a society. Some of this is happening with Latin America in general, being ruled by thieves, by people who, in open mics, have endorsed to Mussolini ideals, to Adolf speeches, unforgivable.

   In a Lat Am devastated economically, where politicians are rich, poor people is dumb and the real worker have no tools to work, where a businessman is looked like a thieve and a cop like a demon, lots and lots of people are looking for a way out.


   Why cryptos?

   Internet, best invention in XXth century, allows us access to every kind of info, so we can learn by ourselves with sacrifice and time we don't have, looking for a decent life quality.

   There are options but our governments, with no confidence from anyone, take people's money when they want by creating more and more stupid taxes, taxes that make the businessman poor and uncapable of create jobs and makes the poor even more poor and leaving them by their count with no resources. Here's an example: a shop owner that want to hire an employee, have to pay between 70-150% the salary cost in taxes, that means that one employee, costs 2.5 employees to the owner, aaaaand since one year and few months, that owner can't fire it´s employee or, if fired, the owner have to pay astronomic amounts of money to that person just for being fired, amounts that reachs 300% of the real money the fired employee should actually get paid.

   Cryptos are a great option because wallets have their offices out of latin jurisdiction, so they can´t reach your money and we can make it work too, by staking, trading, farming, etc. It's an exit from no man's land, an exit from decay and an opportunity for living proportional to the efford you make.

   Binance is supporting cryptos in Lat Am by giving them free P2P transactions and by doing that, is also moving part of the people forward, forward to digitalization, we needed a pandemic situation to get a real web market like Amazon, my mother don't even knew it since last year but the platform it's being working for the last TWENTY YEARS.

   Here, the common people is extra traditional, extra scared of the progress in every way. Lots of people here don't know cryptos, and a big part of the people who do know cryptos, is scared, scared because no one gave them trust, a proper education, tools, confidence, quality life, and the list goes long,


   Cheers, to the crypto market, to the crypto revolution, and to the free economy.

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Argentinian amateur crypto day trader, amateur american football player, event manager. Love to travel and love analytics. Hope to live in Europe in a few years in order to keep learning about the world qe've been private from.

Free content from me
Free content from me

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