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By philxthexpain | Free coins | 31 Jan 2021


bf_468x60.pngBetfury is an online casino that gives out dividends every day, also 5 free Satoshi every 20 min. On here you can find in house games, slots, table games as well as live casino. After losing some coins you get a 2% cash back when you start at level 1 all the way up to 25% after wagering 10 000 BTC. Daily bonus are available for level 2 which is after 0.1 BTC of playing.


The build up to dividends

At first the only income is the free BTC box, that you can claim every 20 minutes, with this you can start gambling and accumulate BFG(BTC) that is minable with BTC and ETH. BFG(TRX) are minable with TRX,BTT and USDT. Staking payouts starts at 10 BFC. The mining pool changes a lot for example: BTC went down by 40 bitcoin since I started but ETH went up by almost 200 bitcoin. Auctions is a good way to boost your BTC, there is a chance anyone can bid over you 1st place takes 50% of pool, 2nd- 15%, 3rd-5% and 4th-10th place shares 20%.

Ways to make money 100% no lost

By buying boxes your returns will be in weekly or monthly form of 5% to 50% profit.

There is a referral program that gives you 15 percent of profits made from coins inhouse games, 1.5 for slots and 5% of BFG's.

Click here to join me and get your passive income.

 Happy mining and have an awesome day!

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i'm a father of 4, living with my wife renting for now trying to buy a house. i work full time in construction and i love music i right song as a hobby and now i decided to learn about crypto in hope of having financial freedoom.

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Free coins

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